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Al Storm presents: Dark Shadows 5 - The Edge Of Madness (2018)

The last couple of months have all been focussed around Al Storm. Be it his label or his CD compilations, he's been a very active man. You might have seen the review, in which the whole back catalogue of 24/7 Hardcore was discussed (read it here), and now we've got a new album! The fifth instalment of 'Dark Shadows', presented by Al Storm, released via Hardcore Underground. Digital downloads were unlocked on the 12th of October. And if you have ordered the CD, they were shipped in the week of 22nd of October. So you might be lucky and have a brand spanking new CD in your collection.

So what do you get? Scary records? Check! Good UK Hardcore music? Check. But what do you exactly get? Well, let me elaborate on that: three discs. On those three discs the first two are unmixed. Full length records is a must, and you do get them. And the third disc is mixed by the legend himself: Al Storm. You also get a digital version of this CD if you purchase the physical copy, and of course you get them immediately after the release date.

You are wondering who's on this album? Well, not just Al Storm, but a whole lot of guest appearances by artists such as Tamerax, Riko, Skinny, Darwin, Re-Con, Euphony, Finnbarr, Ganah, Jonny El, Spyro, and more. Maybe it's a bit handy if I show you the tracklist, eh?

CD 1 - Full Length Tracks

01. Al Storm - Eraserhead

02. Re-Con - Fiji

03. Frankenswine - Whole World Shaking

04. Spyro - Johnny!

05. Euphony - I AM The Darkness (96 Pills Mix)

06. Al Storm & Daniel Seven - Ouija

07. Tamerax - Nowhere To Hide

08. Macks Wolf - Vampire (Rob IYF Remix)

09. Riko & Laurence CC - The Nun

10. DisorderLee - Monster

11. Skinny & Darwin - Black Shadow

12. Al Storm - Master Of The Flying Guillotine (Eufeion Remix)

13. Del Toro - Ghostbusters

14. Darkman vs Deadhead - Candyman

15. Finnbarr - Killer

CD 2 - Full Length Tracks

01. DJ Shimamura & Al Storm - The Omen

02. Nobody & Ezkill - Bigfoot

03. Rob IYF x Al Storm - Zombieland

04. Al Storm & MC Whizzkid - Tripper (M-Project Remix)

05. Nizzle - Demons & Nightmares

06. Mike Reverie x Limit - The Universe

07. Valkyrie - The Devil's Game

08. Riko & MC Eruption - Fright Night

09. Yonvolt - Hell On Earth

10. Jonny El - The Boogey Man

11. MY3R5 meets Deadhead - Severed Skullfuck

12. Doughboy - Pinhead

13. Rob IYF x Al Storm - Truth Or Dare

14. Yade & Al Storm - Unleash The Beast

15. Ganah vs Shagge - Pandoras Box

CD 3 - Al Storm's Edge Of Madness Mix

01. Al Storm - Eraserhead

02. Skinny & Darwin - Black Shadow

03. Euphony - Freeze!

04. Macks Wolf - Vampire (Rob IYF Remix)

05. Finnbarr - Killer

06. Yade & Al Storm - Phantom Power

07. DisorderLee - Monster

08. Valkyrie - The Devil's Game

09. Air Con - Jiehaaa!

10. Nizzle - Demons & Nightmares

11. Rob IYF & Al Storm - Zombieland

12. DJ Shimamura - King Ghidorah

13. Al Storm - Count Dracula

14. MY3R5 meets Deadhead - Severed Skullfuck

15. Darkman vs Deadhead - Candyman

16. Spyro - Johnny!

17. Yonvolt - Hell On Earth

18. Tamerax - Nowhere To Hide

19. Dave PSI - Freddy's Coming

20. Maxi Malone - Into The Night

21. Rob IYF & Al Storm - Truth Or Dare

22. Sc@r - Coming 4 U

23. Jonny El - The Boogeyman

24. DJ Shimamura & Al Storm - The Omen

25. MY3R5 - Choke

26. Nobody & Ezkill - Bigfoot

27. Al Storm & MC Whizzkid - Trigger (M-Project Remix)

28. Al Storm & Daniel Seven - Oujia

29. Mike Reverie x Limit - The Universe

30. Riko & MC Eruption - Fright Night

31. Doughboy - Pinhead

32. Del Toro - Ghostbusters

33. Riko & Laurence CC - The Nun

34. Al Storm - Dusk Til Dawn

35. Re-Con - Fjij

36. Riko & Brady - Die Of Pain

37. Souley - Y.O.K.A.I. (Nightmare)

38. M3-0 - When The Devil Asks

39. Al Storm feat OLIV3R - I AM The Phuture

40. Ganah vs Shagge - Pandoras Box

41. Euphony - I AM The Darkness

42. Al Storm - GNAW

As I said he's a very busy man. With this latest release he shows us again that he's an unstoppable force. And also that the last couple of months have been very good to Al Storm. I don't know where the fascination came from,that he releases his 'Dark Shadows' CD series around Halloween. It's always been a thing that he likes. All of these records on this fifth instalment are kind of dark. Maybe in the future we can see a Christmas album, an Easter album, or maybe another festive holiday album? You might never know with uncle Storm.

I like this compilation, because it not only gives Al the stage, but also upcoming and well known names. It's a mix, really, of artists. And the result is a wide variety of UK Hardcore records. Some kind of expected, and some really unique and diverse. But all have this darkness as a theme. And I'm loving it.

But is this compilation worth it? Is it worth spending your £15 on a physical copy? The answer is yes. If you like full length tracks (because you DJ and you need good music) or you are a fan of long mixes, Al Storm has got you covered. As I mentioned before, I do love the diversity. It's unique. Fresh.

There are simply too fucking many records to choose. The choice is really yours. But if I had to pick, I had to pick the most obscure record on this CD: Finnbarr's 'Killer'. This is a serious record. You might not understand it yet, but when you do fully grasp the reason why Finnbarr made this, you will see it's a monster anthem.

Another wicked compilation. Al Storm can be extremely proud of not only 24/7's back catalogue, but also this compilation. He has set the bar way up high. And he's alone in this venture: I do not know a single artist who makes an album, dedicated to the darkest period of the year (besides Christmas, but that's a different kind of darkness). Another succesful release. Will Al Storm ever stop? Judging on his latest releases, he will never. And we should be grateful for that!

Get your copy right now! Click on the link below to purchase it via Hardcore Underground's Store!

Artist: Al Storm & Various Artist

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Powerstomp

Album Info: Dark Shadows Volume 5

Length Album: 03:22:13

Tracks: 72 (seventy-two)

Download/Listen (via Hardcore Underground): BUY HERE

File Size: 470 MB (digital download) File Type: mp3

Bitspeed: Various

More Information: Al Storm - Facebook Fanpage

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