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Alby Loud presents: Loudcore Mix Vol.19: Hard & Mysterious [Mizz Behave Takeover] (2020)

It is only Tuesday. My God, time isn't flying by. The week has only been two days. It feels like it has been more than 2 days. I need a weekend outdoors, raving preferably, but if not, just hugging people. Don't care who they are, we are allowed to hug, so fucking hugging it is. But until then, I need something to get me through this long ass week. And I think that I've got one mix you might have missed, but will appreciate? As long as you like hearing hard and rough music, mixed together by a mysterious woman. If you don't, and you want it to be mixed by weird blokes in a mask, you can do one, and listen to GPF.

True fanatics of the piep kicks know who the lady in the image above is. Mizz Behave. One of the hardest ladies in the piep scene. If you don't know her, let me introduce her to you: she's called Mizz Behave, and .... erm... well, I don't know much about her. She does yoga. She likes her music to be hard and rough. And that's basically it. She could be a masked heroine? You tell me. I have seen her once perform at the GPF party back in the day when hugging was the norm.

Toward the end of last year she made a mix for the Alby Loud show. Or whatever that might be? A mix series? Podcast? Who knows? Again, I've got no answers to many questions. I'm limited in sharing information, because I don't have anything to share. The only thing I know is that the mix is 31 minutes long, and contains a lot of naughty tracks. So naughty, you would need to put on protection prior to listening to this mix. It's filthy, and there's a huge chance you will soil your undies. Not my fault. Her fault.

The reason why I am listening to this now, is because Mizz Behave released a record last week, and it's dope. It made me think of her, and her enthusiasm for the Puzzycore. And I also needed something to get me going. A quick search on Soundcloud, and now I've got a mix for you all. Enjoy!

  1. Bud Spencer & Terence Hill - Lalalalalala (High Level Edit) (Sickmode Edit)

  2. Riot Shift - Machinery

  3. Radical Redemption - Dominator Tribute

  4. Thyron - Rave Generation vs Ncrypta & Fraw - Omega (Mizz Behave Mashup)

  5. GPF & Mind Compressor - Spaghetti Love (Mizz Behave Remix)

  6. Mizz Behave - Suck My Puzzy

  7. Mizz Behave x Miss Enemy - Sugar Beatz

  8. GPF x Malice - All I Want Is Piep Kicks

  9. Jebroer - Gaan Met Die Banaan (GPF & Mizz Behave's Laser Piep Kick Edit of Riot Shift's Vegang Edit)

  10. Mizz Behave x The Freaky Bastard - Loca

  11. GPF x Caine x Mizz Behave - Greazed Up

  12. GPF x Mizz Behave - I Fucked A Girl

  13. GPF x Russian Village Boys - Hello Baby / Привет Детка (Сингл, 2020)

  14. Psycho Killer & Dissoactive - Tarantella Napoletana (Speaking Italian)

  15. GPF - Fucking On The Ground

So this happened. There's a lot of madness going on here. If you've not heard any of this before, you might be in for a treat. If you don't know GPF, Mizz Behave, or this new sound called Puzzycore, or Piep Kicks, you will be in for a shock. You might love it, or hate it. Once you are bitten by the bug, you will generate a huge love or a tremendous amount of hatred toward it. It's up to you, how this music makes you feel. But please remain PLUR (Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect).

This style has got a huge following, and a lot of dedicated fans. It is funny to see how they emerged out of nowhere, and created a shit storm in the scene. And it's all down to GPF. Could it be that Mizz Behave is actually behind the GPF mask? Does anyone actually know what she looks like? It she a she? Fuck knows.

I did like this mix. Quirky, and hard. Silly, and rough. It's just what I needed today. A lot of silliness around most of these tracks. Some serious anthems, but the main gist is to have fun, and with anthems such as 'Tarantella Napoletana' and 'Loca' and 'Suck My Puzzy' and 'Spaghetti Love' and more, you know for sure you will be beaten up by your speakers, hard!

Which record in this mix made me the most moist? It has to be 'Tarantella Napoletana'. Hilarious record. Peter and Brian Griffin on a record? Hilarity ensues.

Listen to this mix right now, and make sure you check out GPF (and maybe Mizz Behave) on Twitch this Saturday. With headlining acts such as Headhunterz, Da Tweekaz, Riot Shift, Lil Texas, Thera, Caine, and more... you will certainly get your Puzzycore fix!

The only dislike I've got, is the length of this mix. Could have been much longer! And also that her Yoga mix didn't come with a tracklist. I would have reviewed that one too.

DJ: Mizz Behave

Genre/Style: Puzzycore, Uptempo Hardcore

Mix Info: Alby Loud presents: Loudcore Mix Vol. 19: Hard & Mysterious

Length Mix: 00:31:30

Tracks: 15 (fifteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Mizz Behave - Facebook Page

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