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Alternative Hardcore Yearmix 2023 - Mixed by Sound Abuse

The end of the year is near, and year mixes are coming out of the woodworks. And I'm glad that they do. They highlight how great (or shit) a year has been, and some of those mixes you look forward to, and some you just want to see disappear, the same way 2023 is about to disappear. One of the mixes I wasn't expecting, could probably be the one for you all to listen to. It's made by Sound Abuse, and it's a 57 minute long mix, with 53 records in them. That should be sufficient, right?

2023 has been a weird year for Hardcore, as a plethora of records were released which I thought were just OK, and some were just insanely good. But there has also been a chunk of records ready to go into the bin. A mixed year, but it might have been a great year for you all. How has 2023 treated you all? Has it been a good year, a mixed year, or a shit year?

The only thing you could say, is the fact that the year has certainly not been boring. It's been interesting, and I truly found it cool to discover new music. And especially when it was records that could revive the early Hardcore sound. One of my favourite records of the year is in this mix, but can you guess which one it is?

Bit tricky if this is your first time on this page, but don't you worry. I'll reveal the answer soon. But for now, let's focus on the tracks used by Sound Abuse, and how they got them all in a 57 minute long mix.

  1. Hardez - Technology Pt.1

  2. Negative A - Freak Response

  3. Armageddon Project - Believe

  4. Satronica & Lenny Dee - Call The Man (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  5. BangBas feat CitronHead - Fixing What Matters

  6. Cubic Nomad - Difficult Situation

  7. Starving Insect & Catscan - Merged With Silence

  8. Mad Dog & Marc Acardipane - Sick With It (Original Mix)

  9. Ritchie Gambino - I'm Sick Of All These Lies

  10. Electronic Mind Expansion - Old Hag

  11. Miro - Golden Dawn

  12. Daniela Haverbeck - La Serpiente

  13. RVLT - As We Kick

  14. Promo - Counter Attack (Starving Insect Remix)

  15. Furyan - Mysteries Of Creation

  16. Alex B - Heredity Unleashed

  17. Kilbourne - Milkshake

  18. Dustrializer - Dustortion

  19. Ragnarok - Sleepless

  20. The Silence - Remain Calm

  21. E-Noid - Face Of Chaos

  22. Neophyte & The Viper - 2 Much Junk

  23. Densha Crisis - A Sun That Never Rises

  24. Collision - Sinstate

  25. The Ravenous - Eye Opener

  26. Darksider - Artificial Blood

  27. Kader & God Complex - World Domination

  28. Noisia & The Upbeats - Dead Limit (Evil Activities Remix)

  29. Fixxxer Acid - Wardcore

  30. Embrionyc - The Way I Like It

  31. Neophyte & The Stunned Guys - Get This Motherfucker (Restrained Remix)

  32. Detest - Die In Hell

  33. Miss Hysteria - Escape (Lunatic & Rapture Remix)

  34. Csabi - Clone

  35. DJ Salvo - In The Club

  36. Sunkt8 - Hiatus

  37. Dark Phoenix - Forever

  38. The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry (From The Hard Remake)

  39. Visceral - Age Of Reason

  40. Dione - Back 2 Da Oldskool

  41. Viruz - Assassinate

  42. Estefania Jimarez & Otnislash - Oldskool Rave

  43. Square Dimensione - Brand New Dance (Johnny 7 Remix)

  44. The 3eyed - Swarm Of Vipers

  45. Hellfish - Tuning

  46. Arkhyanax - Renegade

  47. Bloodred Shadow - Haagenti

  48. Angerfist & Detest - The Untouchables

  49. Tha KroniK - Hardcore Dangerous

  50. Lenny Dee - Forgotten Moments (DJ Mutante Remix)

  51. SpeedyQ's - No More Yin (IND Remix)

  52. Ani Klang - God Complex

  53. Micron - Journey To The Bottom Of The Sea

The mix starts of slow, if I can call it 'slow'. For the true Hardcore fanatic, it isn't slow, but perfect. But for some it might sound dreadful, true sound abuse, but whatever camp you are in, you should appreciate Hardcore. If you aren't a lover of it, you can fuck off. Goodbye!

Toward the end it goes bananas. It really does. The BPMs go up, and only those that can tolerate the hardest can listen to this. I can listen to all kinds of Hardcore, so I didn't mind it goes bonkers. But what I did notice, is that I only know less than 10% of the artists in this mix. Have I been too long out of the scene? Or are they all new names? Should I spend more time? What's going on?

I do love this mix, and there are a lot of excellent tracks. It's quite the diverse mix, and if you are looking for something different yet cool, you are in luck. Sound Abuse have got your back with this yearmix. It's a cool one, that's for sure.

My favourite is Restrained remix of an all time classic, which actually sounds better than the original. The original was dope as fuck, but this version is one I prefer more. Who would have thought that, that a remix could be better than a 90s classic, eh?

A solid mix. Go and listen to it right NOW. I urge you to do so. You will love it as much as I did. And to prove it? I'll press play yet AGAIN. I want to hear it again!

Act: Sound Abuse

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabba, Industrial, Slowcore, Downtempo, Rave, Gabber

Mix Info: Alternative Hardcore Yearmix 2023 - Mixed by Sound Abuse

Length Mix: 00:57:15

Tracks: 53 (fifty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 131 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2023


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