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Andy Sargeant - Metamorphosis 3 (2018)

A couple of days ago I received a tweet from someone called Andy Sargeant, asking me if I would give his album a listen/review, and my first response was 'what kind of music'. He responded : Hip Hop. My enthusiasm was sparked, seeing as I sadly don't listen to enough Hip Hop music, even though I do like it a lot. Hip Hop is one of those styles you love or hate, but when you do love it, it embraces you. So let's find out if Andy Sargeant's latest album embraces me.

I'm not familiar with UK Hip Hop, only with 80s/90s American Hip Hop. So to find this artist and to hear the UK Hip Hop sound is refreshing for me. Judging a few things is my mission today, and the first credit I have to give Andy is the wicked album cover! No matter how often I look at it, I am still amazed by it. But it's not a cover that makes an album great, it's the music. So let me show you the tracklist, 10 tracks you can get right now!

01. Andy Sargeant - The Weaponry

02. Andy Sargeant feat Jaimian Who, Trademark Blud & Nathone - Cypher

03. Andy Sargeant - H.I.M. (Honesty In Music)

04. Andy Sargeant feat Parv - Beautiful

05. Andy Sargeant feat Benny B & Sample C - Don't Test Me

06. Andy Sargeant - The C*ng Song

07. Andy Sargeant - Love$ick (A$AP Rocky Remix)

08. Andy Sargeant - Metamorphosis (Produced By Messiag kaeto)

09. Andy Sargeant feat Nimrod - Smack Her With A D***

10. Andy Sargeant - 3 Hail Mary's (Just Blaze Competition Entry)

As you have probably gathered by now is the fact that Andy Sargeant is unknown to me, never heard or seen his name before. But that's my fault, I don't listen to any UK Hip Hop. But it's not too late to appreciate new music, and that's the reason why I review for nearly 10 years now. I'd like people to expand their music al knowledge, but that also applies to me. And today I have learned something new and exciting.

I love the oldskool vibe in each record. Some have the late 80s sound, like Metamorphosis. And some have got the 00s sound, like Love$ick. For an unknown artist (to me) his album is interesting. Nice and mellowed out, but he goes in hard.

To hear this album on a Sunday morning, it makes me more chilled and relaxed. Andy's album contains filthy records, and he's using catchy lyrics to keep the listeners focussed.The music is really good, from the old to the new Hip Hop sound, you can find it all on this album. And Andy brings his skills to the table, and the result is a really interesting album. I'm going to check out the other 2 albums!

Best record? Pffff, it´s not easy. I do like ´Cypher´, ´Love$ick´, but ´The Weaponry´ is my favourite. Raw and rough, yet not too rough.

Give this a go. Support the UK Hip Hop scene. Andy has just gained a fan. And if you don't know who I'm talking about, it's obviously me!

Artist: Andy Sargeant

Genre/Style: Hip Hop

Album Info: Metamorphosis 3 Length Album: 00:27:53

Tracks: 10 (ten)

Download/Listen (via Bandcamp): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Andy Sargeant - Bandcamp Page

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