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April 2022 Live Mix

In the Netherlands we've got a saying: Wednesday, minced meat day (Woensdag, gehaktdag). We are aware that this is a silly phrase, because every day is minced meat day. So maybe we should give it a spin, and update it. It is 2022, and the world is slowly changing, so let's change it to Wednesday, Hardstyle day. And to introduce the world to this new concept is DJ Thera. Not to say that he's responsible for this new concept, and I do hope he doesn't mind, but his mix was the first one I listened today (which is, funnily enough, a Wednesday). So there we go.

All jokes aside, we should embrace the harder styles more than we do. Every bloody day is a specific day, so why not have it once a year? Maybe today, the 27th of April could be a good day? The sun is going to enlighten us with its sunrays, and we are at the start of the Summer period (ish). Give the Dutch the recognition they deserve, and let's make it a world wide phenomena! Don't know if Thera is the one to do it: he might not want to, but I just picked his name, because his mix is literally the first thing I heard this morning (at 6 am).

Over the years I've reviewed a few of Thera's mixes and albums, and even seen him live at GPF's event. One very talented DJ and producer, and who loves Hardstyle so much, it's unbelievable. And his latest tunes are gaining a lot of attention from the raving masses all over the world, and for good reason. And in his latest April promo mix you can find 20 of the finest tracks, and the majority are made by Thera. So if you are unfamiliar with his name or what he's capable of, don't you worry: he's got that covered!

So which tracks are in this April mix? Well, these 20!

  1. DJ Thera - Tranceparency

  2. Rainer K & Tim Hidgem - Promised Land (Andrea Montorsi Remix)

  3. MOTi - Don't Go Lose It (Technoboy Remix)

  4. DJ Thera feat Yuna-X - Starfleet (T.C.C. Remix)

  5. Phutureboy - Skanks (Carnifex Remix)

  6. DJ Thera vs Geck-O - Give It All

  7. Hardtrax & O.B.I. - 90's Culture

  8. Geck-O - Acid Impressions (DJ Thera Hardertrance Remix)

  9. Activator - Old Skool

  10. DJ Thera - Till The Dawn

  11. DERB - The Revolution 2022 (DJ Thera Remix)

  12. DJ Thera & T.C.C. - F.Y.U.

  13. DJ Thera feat Nova Jae - Breakaway

  14. Geck-O - Ill Behaviour

  15. DJ Thera - Get High

  16. DJ Thera - Can't Fight This Feeling (Alternative Mix)

  17. DJ Thera feat Myke - Until We Meet Again

  18. B-Front & DJ Thera - R.E.M. Coma (DJ Thera Live Mix)

  19. DJ Thera feat Marissa - Far Away

  20. DJ Thera & Kruelty - The Watchmen

This is a nice looking tracklist. With a few known and a few new tracks, this gets you up and dancing. And there are multiple things good about this mix and its tracks, and one of them being that he (Thera) is making these tracks in the 20s, but they have got this early Hardstyle/Hard Trance vibe around it. If you'd close your eyes and hear one of these tracks in a classic Hardstyle/Hard Trance set, you wouldn't be able to tell.

It's only an hour long, but within those 60 minutes, DJ Thera takes you on a journey. And that's going to be a very pleasant journey. Unless you aren't a fan of Hardstyle/Hard Trance/Hard House, and if that's the case, why the fuck are you reading this?

I've got only love to give for this wicked mix. It's a wicked one, with a lot of excellent tunes. Too many to choose from. 'Tranceparency' is one of my favourites. It's got Trance influences, but yet is fast enough for me to like. Hard Trance all the way!

Thanks Thera for this excellent mix. And now, let's make Hardstyle Wednesday a thing! And to kickstart it all, let's enjoy this excellent mix!

DJ: Thera

Genre/Style: Hardstyle, Hard Trance, Hard House

Mix Info: April 2022 Live Mix

Length Mix: 00:55:21

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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