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ATTLAS Electric Forest Mix [Exclusive] (2018)

The last couple of days I kind of had enough of the harder stuff. I wanted something to ease my mind, and luckily, I can always rely on ATTLAS. This superstar producer/DJ's Soundcloud page is always the best place to find awesome music. If you want cinematic music (or whatever it is you call it), his page is full of it. So I visited his page, and found a mix he made especially for last year's Electric Forest. Completely missed it when it came out.

This hour long masterpiece does get recognized by the listeners. It's received nearly 15k so far, and it will go only up and up. This kind of music always attracks a lot of fans, and people are enthusiastic whenever they spot an ATTLAS mix. I'm one of them: have played his previous mixes over and over again, and have reviewed each and every one of them (besides this one, until now).

Someone kindly posted the tracklist on, and it's not complete: if you know the missing songs, please inform me and I will update it.

01. Aparde - Lumen

02. Kolsch - Left Eye Left

03. Jon Hopkins - Luminous Beings


05. Sly Faux feat Rahmondau - Dandellion (Marino Canal Remix)

06. Fat Sushi feat Archivist - My Empire (Township Rebellion Remix)

07. ID - ID

08. Stimming - Frankfurt Main

09. ATTLAS - Treehouse

10. Jeremy Olander - Caravelle (Marino Canal Remix)

11. Rival Consoles - Hidden


13. DJ Koze - Seeing Aliens

14. ATTLAS - Want

Obviously, being this unique DJ and producer, he started this mix with his cinematic approach. He makes the intro even worth while. Even though I don't know which films he has taken it from, but it just seems to work extremely well! This concept is so unique and outstanding: hence why there are a LOT of fans out there, loving ATTLAS.

You know when a mix is going to be good when your first record is 'Lumen'. Fuck me, what a record. But the next one is even better, and I find that record the ULTIMATE record! If you want to be relaxed/chilled, press play and hear this record! This took me to another dimension. And made me teary. Such a 'simple' yet effective record. This makes you feel human again.

I can't find a flaw. I never can. ATTLAS' mixes are always picture perfect. So no more wasting time, let's just embrace the mix, and be in heaven! Because that's what this mix does to you!


Genre/Style: Electronic, House

Mix Info: Exclusive Electric Forst Mix

Length Mix: 01:00:37

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: Dancing Astronaut - Soundcloud Page

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