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ATTLAS - Out Here With You (2020)

A couple of weeks ago I discovered yet another wicked ATTLAS mix, and this time it was for his then to be released album 'Out There With You'. According to the internet this was his second album of 2020. Now I'm completely new to the wonderful world of streams etc, and the first thing I tried to do, was to see if I could get a physical copy. Now it could just simply be me, but that was impossible. Couldn't find it anywhere, and it left me a bit distraught. Saddened. Upset. But there's always a positive side to everything: I have got a streaming service!!

And the streaming service is Amazon Music. That's the only account I've got, which I've never ever used before. Don't have any other accounts, couldn't keep up with all the latest changes in the music industry. But once I clicked on the link underneath the mix ATTLAS made a few weeks ago, it took me to this general page, and one of the pages it would take you to, was Amazon Music. And voila, even though I did not have a physical copy, I did have the opportunity to listen to this album whenever, and that's a bonus.

Certainly when I grew up I had a few artists who I was a fan of, but they have disappeared off the face of the Earth. 2Unlimited, Snap!, Close2You, etc. All pop artists/bands/duos. I grew out of it, and wanted Dance music. In the early years of Dance music it was Tiesto who I was a fan of, but when he changed to EDM, I lost interest. Sied van Riel was the next artist who I adored, and when I discovered ATTLAS, he became my prime focus. A day does not go by without me playing at least one mix or song by ATTLAS. Am I a fan boy? Don't know the ins- and outs of this man, but for me that doesn't matter. The music is inspirational. Heavenly. Moving. Touching. And emotional.

So what is so damn interesting about this album? Or what's so interesting about ATTLAS? Well, firstly, his usage of movie samples in his mixes. That just grabbed me immediately. Not heard that before to such an extent. And he makes it all sound flawless. And secondly, the music. As previously mentioned it is minimalistic, but as minimalistic as it seems, it does have deeper layers that you just can't describe in words, only in feelings.

I love his approach to Dance music. I've listened to his mixes over and over again, and on Soundcloud they do top my yearly list, as in Most Played Songs on Soundcloud. And whenever I can, I play his music. I do mean everywhere. I did watch his livestream he did a few months ago, and it was just so damn different. He was sitting there, with some musical equipment, having a nice glass of wine. And he was just chilled. Now THAT'S how I feel, whenever I hear his songs. And this latest album is top notch, if I must say so.

The album consists of 10 records, ranging from normal length to extremely long. And not a lot of 'in your face' stuff going on. Minimalism is the key word. With only a few bits and bobs he tickles your senses, and gets you going. You will be sitting there, bewildered, and dazed. You don't know what hits you. This sense of 'achievement', that is what I'm feeling. Even though I've not achieved a single thing, the music makes me feel like I have. Like I've entered a new layer of Heaven.

So this album, right, is on Amazon Music. And other outlets too. And as I said before, 10 records. Amazingly created records. And I'm guessing you are curious now, if you haven't seen ATTLAS' previous mix, right? So here's the tracklist of probably the best album of 2020:

  1. ATTLAS - Morning Fields

  2. ATTLAS - Polar Concept

  3. ATTLAS - Uour

  4. ATTLAS - Seabreeze

  5. ATTLAS - Thunderstorms From The Balcony

  6. ATTLAS - When We Were The Same

  7. ATTLAS - In A Cloud

  8. ATTLAS - Ponds

  9. ATTLAS - Mgt

  10. ATTLAS - Out There With You

If you haven't checked this album out already, no worries. It has only been a few months since its initial release (06/11/20), and there's plenty of time for you to check it out. And as a taster, underneath this review, I've got the Soundcloud player with all 10 records, so that might give you an extra push in persuading you to listen to this.

Professional reviewers might go in depth, and talk about equipment used by ATTLAS, which key note he used, which bla bla bla. I am not professional. I write from the heart, and the heart tells me that ATTLAS is so damn underrated. He deserve everything. His music is so moving and full of emotions, every second you absorb his music is one you have gained, and it makes you feel happier. Sometimes sad, dependant on your mood, but in general it will make you feel happier. And coming from someone who is struggling with mental health issues that's a good thing. ATTLAS seems to capture emotions within each second of each track.

Not all records are long, or as intense as others. For example 'Ponds'. When I hear this song, I immediately feel like I'm sitting next to a pond, just wondering. Seeing raindrops falling onto the water, ricocheting off. Sunshine coming through the clouds, and yet I am all alone. No one around me. Just me and the eternal blissful water landscape in front of me. Nothing can hurt me, or make me feel sad. Bless ATTLAS for the piano section, that just tops off the record.

But then, as emotional as that record might be (as an example), he brings the heat with 'Out There With You'. Even the wife, who's not a huge fan of Dance music per se, knows the song, and hums along. That's one of ATTLAS' trades: he makes recognisable yet harmonic yet catchy songs. They won't leave your head that quickly. As mentioned before, ATTLAS will stay with you from the moment you discover him.

Which record is the best? 'Uour'. Seriously don't have a clue how to pronounce this word, but that record is just amazing. From the dancefloor to the Heavens above. One second he embraces you, the next he throws you onto the dancefloor, and wants you to dance. Dance like everyone is watching, and no one cares about you. You are the world. The world evolves around you. You are everything and everyone.

I am seriously impressed. The mix he did for this album was my favourite one of 2020, but this album has to come even higher. Is this the best album of 2020, or even of ever? You might agree of disagree, which you are entitled to, but at least would you give it a go? Let ATTLAS into your home, and never let him go. Please, will you do that for me?

Absolutely epic album. Breathtakingly beautiful. The highest score available for this masterpiece! 21st century in a nutshell! Made in 2020, timeless masterpiece.

Artist: ATTLAS

Genre/Style: Progressive House, Ambient, Chill, Downtempo, Chill House

CD Info: ATTLAS - Out Here With You

Length CD: 55 Minutes

CDs: 1 (one)

Release Year: 2020

Label: Mau5trap

Product Number: MAU50353

Listen/Buy: Purchase Album HERE

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