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ATTLAS - Storyline: Vol 1 (2016)

Sometime during your life, you will find an artist who impresses you that much, you become fascinated about him/her. To me, the biggest surprise of my life so far, has got to be ATTLAS. And I fully understand if he's not your cup of tea, but to me, his music and his mixes are awe inspiring. Breathtakingly beautiful. And the way he puts his sets together, something so unique, and refreshing. To me he's inspiring, and every single mix on his Soundcloud page has been played over and over by yours truly. This is the ultimate music to me. Music that I can picture being played when I'm on my way to the gates of Hell or Heaven. And I wouldn't mind hearing this for the rest of my eternal life.

Music can grab you, and hold on to you. Music can move you. You can hate it, and love it at the same time. You can literally be filled with emotions, and be happy that you do. I could close my eyes for the duration of this mix, and open my eyes after 53 minutes, and be as happy as a human could ever be.One of the reasons why I would be happy, is the way the mix is presented. ATTLAS' way of composing a mix is to incorporate move snippets/clips. God knows which movies, but the way he cuts and paste these bits together makes it feel like ATTLAS is telling a story. A story so gripping, you cannot let it go. You have to listen until the end.

I've not figured out yet what the actual story is. But once I hear this mix, I let my mind go completely blank, and I just say 'fuck it all' to the world. I am lost, but found at the same time. I am here, there, and nowhere. I've heard this mix so many times now, it has become an obsession to me. I need to hear it at least once a week. Well, technically not just this individual mix, but anything by ATTLAS. And when he did the two livesets recently, I have played those over and over again. The repeat button on Soundcloud is just magnificent.

I know I have reviewed this in the past, but I had to bring this to your attention again. Probably one of the coolest and most relaxing mixes you will ever hear. A stunning mix by an absolute legend.

01. Jens-Uwe Beyer - Hands

02. Jeremy Olander - Lunar

03. Ripperton - A Skilift Upstairs The Sleeping City (Max Cooper Remix)

04. ATTLAS - Red

05. Kiasmos - Swept

06. Clark - 820689

07. Edamame - Some Whispers

08. ATTLAS - Jagged

09. Olafur Arnalds & Nils Frahm - Four

10. Vessels - Glass Lake

11. Stephan Bodzin - Birth (Super Flu's Early Contractions Remix)

12. Jens-Uwe Beyer with John Stanier - White Oversized Flame Yarn Bolero

13. Aphex Twin - Stone In Focus (Benoit Pioulard Cover)

14. Aftershock - Fade To Grey (Ambient Dub)

15. Michael Cassette - Through The Windows

16. Bjork - Pleasure Is All Mine

17. Bjork - Hidden Place

18. African Children's Choir - Lord I Lift Your Name On High

19. Drake - Brand New

20. Joris Voorn feat Kid A - So Long

21. Matt Karmil - Moment

22. Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime

23. Djrum - Ode

24. Weval - Gimme Some (Hunter/Game Remix)

25. Roxy Music - Avalon

26. Pupkulies & Rebecca - Pink Pillow (DJ Tennis Remix)

27. Djrum - The Miracle

28. ATTLAS - Tiff's Theme

29. ATTLAS - Beginning

30. ATTLAS - Parallel Lines

31. Ryan Adams - Dear Chicago

I don't have a good explanation on how to describe ATTLAS' approach to dance music, but what I do know, is what he does, he does it extremely well! This was one of my first introductions into his wonderful musical journey, and it has been one of the most pleasantly surprising mixes of all time. I was not expecting this to happen, and to have been delivered to me. You know that certain mixes will just 'please' you, and some are simply 'okay', but once every so often you do get a mix, which blows you away, blows you into smithereens. This is exactly that mix.

Uploaded 4 years ago, and I'm still loving it. And with me, around 280k people. I wish he would add tracklists to his latest uploads, so I can share those with you guys. You know, ATTLAS is my hero. No, I don't care where he lives, what kind of hair product he uses, who his favourite Backstreet Boy is, I simply do not give a flying fuck about that. What I do care about, is the music that he releases. And mixes together, obviously.

Euphoria, that is exactly the mood I'm in right now. With this coming towards me through my speakers, it makes me a happier man. A happy person. Relaxed. And alone. Protected in my big ass bubble. Nothing can hurt me when I hear this.

The only thing I've got to mention before you all press play, is that (to me) this is one of the best mixes of all time. And I do mean it. At least a top three contender. Superstar DJ and producer. My personal favourite progressive House producer. A superstar. A legend. One epic mix.

Side note: even though I really dislike Bjork's voice and generally everything related to her music, it did fit in well. Weird.


Genre/Style: Progressive House, Dance

Mix Info: Storyline: Vol 1

Length Mix: 00:52:35

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: ATTLAS - Soundcloud Page

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