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Back In Time 2 (Hardclassics Mix) (2022)

And now for something else. It is Sunday, and the UK is still mourning the loss of her Majesty, the Queen. As shit as the world is right now, we need to keep calm and carry on. And it's also the 11th of September, which marks the remembrance of the terror attacks many years ago in the United States. It's not been a good few days, but hopefully I might give you a sparkle of 'happiness'. Something that might cheer you up. If it doesn't, I do apologise. If it does, that's good to hear. The only way of me cheering people up is by sharing music, and today's mix is a special one.

A mix focussed on the Hard Dance sound. Especially the Hard Trance sound from the early days. I came across this mix by accident, don't really know what triggered the algorithm to show me this. But I'm happy it happened. Maybe it's because I follow Scot Project, who's been one of my favourite producers of all time? And because of a few tracks being used in this mix, it highlighted this mix to me? Who knows?

I know nothing about the DJ in question (Rob Be). So let's focus on the tracks he used for this mix in particular. It's got tracks by the biggest names in the scene back in the day. Some I really adore to this day, and some I've completely forgotten about. It is a mix of literally everything, but they are all solid dancefloor smashers.

This kind of music dominated my youth, when Hardcore was considered dead. I had to replace it with something as cool as Hardcore, and it became this kind of music. Glad I discovered it and listened to it. I would have been lost without it.

But now the tracks. Which ones did Rob Be choose? Well, these:

  1. Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre (Tomcraft Remix)

  2. Reeloop - Fucking Society

  3. Renegade Master - Renegade Master (Planet Trax Mix)

  4. K-Traxx - Freezing

  5. Shithead - Techno Perversion

  6. DJ Arne LII - R.I.P.

  7. Hennes & Cold - The Second Trip (DJ Scot Project Mix)

  8. Mass Effect - Alphascan (Arome Remix)

  9. DJ Scot Project - F (Future Is Now!)

  10. Pep 'N Up - Time & Space (Warp Brothers Remix)

  11. Embargo! - Hysterie

  12. Das Licht - Trilogie (Club Mix)

  13. Joy Kitikonti - Joyenergizer (Physical Mix)

  14. Jacob & Mendez - Berksville

  15. DJ Tom-X - Cocaine (Bush Remix)

  16. Yoda Inc. - Definitely (DJ Scot Project Remix)

  17. Mo-Dem - Contact (Warp Brothers Remix)

  18. Pacific Link - Escape

  19. Derb - Derb (Arome Remix)

  20. Sensation - Sensation The Anthem 2002 Black Edition (Dana Remix)

It's a good looking tracklist, with some heavy hitters. This mix certainly takes me back to the good old days. I really love these tracks, and some I've completely forgotten about, forgot that they even existed!

It wasn't as hard and rough as Hardcore, but it was close enough to me. It was still dark though, and that's all I needed. The styles were evolving into this glorious thing I could appreciate, therefore my time spent during the early 2000s was focussing on the harder styles other than Hardcore.

Rob Be's mix is an interesting one. It's got the classics in here, and carefully mixed together. The outcome is a genuine mix, one I really liked to hear today. It gave me a confidence boost, and now I'm on the hunt for the older CDs I've completely forgotten about. I need to hear more of this, and I need to hear it right NOW. While searching, I might give the first instalment of this mix series a go, ascend me to the highest level of euphoria.

A very cool mix. I freaking love it!

DJ: Rob Be

Genre/Style: Hard Dance, Hard House, Hard Trance, Hardstyle

Mix Info: Back In Time 2 (hardclassics mix)

Length Mix: 01:09:01

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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