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Back To The Hardcore (2022)

This new Gabber/Hardcore sound is appearing more and more online. And I'm liking it more and more. As I've been an advocate for making this style bigger and bigger, it seems that it's gained some momentum, and that's good. It's not as big as Gabber/Hardcore used to be, or as big as mainstream Hardcore is, but it is slowly getting there. And I'm really happy that this is happening. It honours the old Gabber/Hardcore sound from the 90s, but with a 20s approach to it. And that is a formula that should work. And hopefully it will gain more fans, it deserves a bigger stage.

J.O.E. has made mixes like this one before, and only recently did I review his 'Future Gabber' mix. Was it called Future Gabber' or something similar. But the focus was similar. The tracks were all 'new' but had this distinctive 90s sound. A sound sorely missed. Whenever I do find a mix that focusses on this new Gabber, I have to listen to it, but I can't keep still. I have to share it with you, the reader. You cannot deny that this revival of 90s Hardcore/Gabber is a thing, and it's growing in popularity.

And because of J.O.E. I am now listening to this instead of focussing on what's happening in the UK. The Jubilee is important and is one in a lifetime, but to me music is more important. The wife can fill me in on everything that is currently broadcasted... (not that I'm that interested, but she will share with me all the info... that's how she is).

So for now, let's focus on J.O.E.'s latest mix, and the tracks. Which tracks, you might ask? Well, these:

  1. Arvid - Delivered From Evil

  2. Painbringer - Share Your Pain

  3. Gabberf#%ker - Dying Of The Light

  4. Wicked XXX - The Underground

  5. Biodome - Pump Up The Volume

  6. Painbringer - Words Of '95 (Gabber Remix)

  7. X4phantom & DJ A.D. - Make The Floor Burn

  8. Gabberf#%ker - Utopia

  9. Wicked XXX - The Miranda Moon

  10. X4phantom & DJ A.D. - Can't Stop

  11. Wicked XXX - Danga

  12. X-Fly - Pass The Old

  13. Painbringer - Sidious

  14. Wicked XXX - Timetripping

  15. X-Fly - I'm Juggernaut, Bit$h

  16. B.S.E. - Suckaz

  17. X-Fly - Do You Have Static?

  18. Gabberf#%ker - Unjustified Terror

  19. James F - Give Me A Guitar

  20. Gabberf#%ker - Mr Hydrochloric Acid

  21. Wicked XXX - Ruffer

  22. X-Fly - Motherf#%king Now

  23. The Ctrl & Recharge - Take It Down Low

  24. Painbringer - The Religion

  25. Arvid - Heartbreak

  26. Kamikaze - Spiritual Awakening

  27. X4phantom & DJ A.D. - Bass And Flow

  28. Gabberf#%ker - Testing More Bombs

  29. Hellfish & Diplomat - The Acid We Praise

  30. The Bloody Deamon & DJ A.D. - I'm A Freak

  31. Painbringer - Afterglor

  32. Biodome - Make It Clap

  33. The DJ Producer - 100 Years Of Deathchant (The Deathchant Will Never Die 100 Megamix)

  34. Ferra & GreenSequence - Never Too Much

This is a good looking tracklist, but what you should be focussing on, is the music. And the music takes me right back to the 90s. Close your eyes, and let J.O.E. take you back to the present day that represents the 90s. That doesn't make really 100% sense, but to me it does.

The tunes are solid as a fucking rock. I love to see these tracks get more momentum, and get played more and more. This style is surely one that the raving community need to hear, and gain traction.

I am really in love with this new kind of Gabber, and J.O.E.'s mixes are really, really entertaining. Worth checking out. Some small mixing errors, but nothing to write home about. So come on, what are you waiting for? Check this out, and check it out right NOW!

Best record? It has to be B.S.E.'s 'Suckaz'.

DJ: J.O.E.

Genre/Style: Gabber, Hardcore, New Gabber

Mix Info: Back To The Hardcore

Length Mix: 01:02:41

Tracks: 34 (thirty-four)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: J.O.E. - Soundcloud Channel

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