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Bad Corey - WeebCast Episode 2 [15-Sept-2012]

I had this mix ready for the weekend, and it would have been the last mix I would have listened to last Friday, but I had enough of work, so I shut everything down, and left everything as it was. This was still pending, awaiting a review today, so I thought I'd jump on it, and give it another go. It's a mix by Bad Corey, which he made back in 2012 (which is 11 years ago, where has the time gone?). And it was a mix made for the short lived podcast/mix series, called Weebcast. I've never heard or seen this name before, but there were plenty of mix series and podcasts around back then, so I might have missed it by accident. Thankfully we've got Soundcloud, eh?

The DJ mix for the second instalment of the Weebcast series was made by him, and it contained only J-Core records. Now I might be a bit of a noob, but if anyone is reading this, can you enlighten me? Listening to this mix, I cannot differentiate J-Core with UK Hardcore. They both sound so identical, with some tiny differences. Maybe different vocals or just a slight happier vibe surrounding it, but what is the exact definition of J-Core, and what's the difference between both styles?

My question is just for my personal understanding of J-Core. Nothing else. I still like hearing mixes containing these songs, especially from 2012. One of the dopest years for UK Hardcore, and in this mix you can find a few of those gems. A lot of the tracks selected by Bad Corey are unknown to me, but they are so smooth, so smoothening for my ears. I love the way music was 11 years ago, and I miss this defining sound.

But which records did he pick for the second instalment of the Weebcast?

  1. MOMO_nga - Dream Way

  2. Morning Sprite feat ℃iel - Spend My Time (XIO Remix)

  3. M-Project - All I Need Your Love (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

  4. DJ Noriken - Elektrick Universe

  5. P*Light feat yukacco - I'll Be By Your Side

  6. Fracus - Flux

  7. Minamotoya feat 3L - Lift Up

  8. kors k - The Wind Of Gold (Extended)

  9. Darwin - Kinetic Blue

  10. Minamotoya - Makin' Love

  11. Y.K. - Hypnotize (kors k 2012 Remix)

  12. Minamotoya - Into The Night (kors k 2012 Remix)

  13. kors k - Cycle

  14. M-Project - Rise From The Ashes

This brings back memories. I've seen the names of these artists before, but I cannot recollect track names/titles.

But the sound, that's the first thing you will notice. The sound from the scene from 10+ years ago. That sound is replicated anymore, it has become a thing of the past, when it certainly shouldn't be. Just look at the Fracus and Darwin stuff in this mix. They were on top of the world, and their productions were just top notch.

I love the happy vibes that can be felt throughout this mix, and especially when M-Project's song 'All I Need Your Love' comes on. A brilliant song, superbly remixed by Fracus & Darwin. And even Fracus' own record, 'Flux', is an underrated song.

Bad Corey has done a good thing. Good Corey's mix is highly contagious, and very cheerful. We need more mixes like this one. Take me back to the 10s, when music was awesome, and I was 11 years younger!

Time flies by too damn fast. Fuck it.

DJ: Bad Corey

Genre/Style: J-Core, Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore

Mix Info: Bad Corey - WeebCast Episode 2 [15-Sept-2012]

Length Mix: 00:58:16

Tracks: 14 (fourteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 133 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2012 (Original)

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