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Bass - D - Ground Zero 2022 Multigroove Stage Warm Up Mix

If I remember correctly, Ground Zero couldn't take place last year, right? Well, it does make sense, as the first one was held in 2006, and 15 years later takes you right to 2021. But obviously COVID has changed the world, and has been generically a pain in the rectum for everyone on this Earth. But do not fear, 2022 is here. And Bass-D is here to entertain those that are going, or those who just want to hear an ace mix. It's a big mix, but I would not have expected anything else from this mix master!

Ground Zero has got a sick line-up, and it's really awesome looking. Spread over a few areas (Mainstage, Bonnie & Clyde, Infernal Thunderstorm, River of Blood, Death Of The Firstborn, Wild Creatures, Plague Of Locusts), it does have the finest artists out there. And you will certainly find an area suitable for you.

The names of the areas are weird, but hey, that shouldn't affect you. But if you are going to Ground Zero, make sure you visit the Wild Creatures area. Also known as the Multigroove stage. Why, you might be wondering? Well, Bass-D is playing there. You don't want to miss this set. The ambassador of Ground Zero is playing there. You do not want to miss this. He will surely take you on a trip down memory lane, and even with this promo mix, he takes you back to the early days.

But TCD, which tracks did he select? Good question, and thankfully I can answer that for you. It came with a tracklist, and it's a glorious and sexy looking one. So, here it is:

  1. Dream Your Dream - Soushkin

  2. Rotterdamnation - Trashdamien (Martello)

  3. X Change - Ready To Rock

  4. X Buzz - Overload

  5. 25th Frame - Percolator

  6. Atomium - Speedy Gonzales

  7. Bisart - Wrong Is Right (Franky Jones Remix)

  8. Frantic Explosion - Frantic

  9. The Brain - Crasy One

  10. Manuel E.S. - Old Soul

  11. Undercover Anarchist - Yo Te Quirro

  12. Waxweazle - Hardcore Power '97 (Promo Remix)

  13. Firestarter - Burn Mother Fucker

  14. Steve Shit - I Wantcha All 2 Say Shit

  15. George Vagas - Hyperdome

  16. Dr Pravda - Krankenhaus

  17. Gizmo - Don't You Want My Lovin'

  18. Asylum - Mescalum

  19. Undercover Anarchist - Ass Off (Remix)

  20. Omar Santana - Step The Fuk Back (Omar Santana Remix)

  21. Myztic - Dangerous Battle

  22. Rotterdam Terror Corps - Horror (Buzz Fuzz Remix)

  23. Bass-D & King Matthew - Let's Get Fresh

  24. Genaside - Eliminator (Live Version)

  25. Fun A Tic - The Final Dimension

  26. Buzz Fuzz - D-Leria

  27. Reyes - My World

  28. The 2 Macks meet Buzz Fuzz - Love & Devotion

  29. Gizmo - Monological Destruction

  30. Dr. Macabre - Gates Of Hell

  31. Deaz D - Acid Yell (Gizmo Remix)

This is a great looking tracklist, and made me yearn for more. Bass-D's mixes are always highly entertaining, and always contain the records you do not hear often. And this mix contains a shit ton of them. So many great anthems, and oh so suitable for Ground Zero.

There are a shit ton of records in here you don't hear that often. And there's no clear reason as to why, as they are all 'fresh'. But what the reason might be, at least Bass-D is playing them in this promo mix. And he doesn't care at all: he throws in whatever he feels like playing. The result? An hour of Hardcore classics.

Bass-D doesn't care. He does whatever he fancies. And it's good. For who? For us. We love a mix here and there, that doesn't fit in the 'standards' of mixes. He just plays whatever he feels like playing, and it brings a smile on my face. And he also makes it work beautifully in this mix. Don't forget, he's the mix masters! This mix might not have 3800 records in 2 minutes, but it's still impressive. 31 records in 65 minutes.

I just screamed at this mix, screaming for mercy. The piano bit in 'Love & Devotion'. He decided to go to the next track, and completely miss the best bit of this record. It would have been my favourite song in this mix, based on that piano section. Damn you Bass-D, that piano bit is the best!

But, instead, I've gone for 'Acid Yell' by Deaz D, remixed by Gizmo. You cannot think of anything early or oldskool without this record. This has got multiple styles in it, and still maintains to be a wicked Hardcore anthem. Timeless classic, so underrated.

A solid mix. And a mix that keeps me going through this Sunday. I hate to say this, but everyone going to Ground Zero, have fun (why hate this? well, it's because I'm not going). Have fun, and make sure you see Bass-D. You just have to. Pioneer, and mix master!

DJ: Bass-D

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber, Oldskool

Mix Info: Bass - D - Ground Zero 2022 Multigroove Stage Warm Up Mix

Length Mix: 01:05:45

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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