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Bass-D - Live @ Decibel 2014

What do you get when a certain Dutch person is full on Hardcore mode? You get me searching Soundcloud for excellent 90s Hardcore mixes. And on this Sunday morning I found a liveset by the legendary Bass-D, which was recorded at Decibel back in 2014. And boy oh boy, does this contain wicked Hardcore anthems. From those well known Gabber tunes to the Happy Hardcore anthems that got us dancing so damn hard: everything is in here. Leave that up to Bass-D to fabricate a wicked set. The tracklist will make you cheer and make you feel euphoric. And sad at the same time.

Sad, you might be wondering why sad? Well, that's because the 90s are now way behind us, and this wicked sound sadly has disappeared from the scene. Some still keep it alive, but the majority of producers have moved on. The 90s were so glorious, music wise. It is sad, but we can still say that we lived throughout a decade of awesome music, right? We were there, and we did spend a lot of money on CDs, cassettes, and vinyl. Or even DAT tapes, right? Money was spent, and we lived for the next compilation to be released. We were eager for more Hardcore.

Bass-D was one of those producers who had a huge impact on the scene. Alongside his partner in crime, King Matthew, they made some excellent Hardcore anthems. Some very memorable anthems, and some extremely cheesy. But you still know each and every one of them. And to have him play at Decibel, you know it makes sense. I do wish I was there, I would have had a whale of a time. Hearing these classics coming through the speakers, unbelievable. And Bass-D being Bass-D, the turntable master, he played 31 records in an hour. No fucking about, just pure Hardcore.

So which records did he use to get the people at Decibel excited? Here's the list:

  1. Bass-D & King Matthew - In The Mix

  2. Nasty Django - Hardcore Mothafucka (Shit's Psychosex Remix)

  3. Buzz Fuzz - Dreamgirl

  4. El Bruto - Hypnotizing

  5. Space Seed - Devastation

  6. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (Buzzy Goes BZRK Remix)

  7. The Masochist - No New Style

  8. Reyes - Rock With Me

  9. Public Domain - In The House (Buzzy Goes BZRK Remix)

  10. Bass-D & King Matthew feat XD - Like A Dream

  11. Square Dimensione - Baddest Muthafucka

  12. Isaac & Pagan - 2 Definitions

  13. Billy The Kid - Clappin' Your Hands

  14. Omar Santana - Come On

  15. Buzz Fuzz - Frequencies

  16. Vanugenth The 5th - Here We Go Again

  17. Isaac - Rock This Shit

  18. The Lawyer - Yo DJ

  19. Hixxy & MC Sharkey - Toy Town

  20. 4 Tune Fairytales - My Little Fantasy (Bass-D & King Matthew Remix)

  21. Buzz Fuzz - Destroyer

  22. Ferocious - Cocaine

  23. Party Animals - Used & Abused (Amnesia Mix)

  24. Paul Elstak - Rockin' Beats

  25. The Prophet - Allright Now Here We Go

  26. Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - DJ Fuck

  27. Highlander - Hold Me Now '97

  28. Promo - Cold As Stone

  29. 50% Of The Dreamteam - B With U

  30. Riot Squad - Nonshlen Tustokken (Gizmo Remix)

  31. Distortion & MC Raw vs Bass-D & King Matthew - Raveworld

He has picked some heavy hitters for this set. If you were alive during the 90s, and you don't know any of these anthems, are you even a gabber/raver? Come on man, Bass-D picked the biggest anthems from the scene. You cannot sit still during this set. Well, I certainly couldn't sit still.

Obviously a few of these records are guilty pleasure songs. Who remembers hearing those Madonna vocals with the Hardcore beat? Or 'Cold As Stone' by DJ Promo? Or even the song by Riot Squad, with the most ridiculous title ever. I think it was based on a Dutch phrase or sentence, but to this day I've got no fucking idea what it should be. And I'm freaking Dutch!

It is an epic mix, with a wide variety of Hardcore anthems. Some Happy and some harder anthems. Everything is in here, to get all nostalgic about. Again, you had to live through the 90s to really experience the importance of these records. These tracks dominated our lives, and with this set, Bass-D really capture my life throughout the 90s.

I do miss it though. No word of a lie. I do miss certain sounds by artists such as Buzz Fuzz, Highlander, Square Dimensione, The Dreamteam, and more. Time has flown by too darn quickly, but thankfully these sets keep the memories alive and kicking.

A wonderful set. And to finish with 'Raveworld'. Pff. Such a wicked track to end your set with. What a magical collaboration that was. Distortion, MC Raw, Bass-D, and King Matthew. Fuck, I miss the 90s.

DJ: Bass-D

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore, Gabber

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Decibel 2014

Length Liveset: 00:59:40

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2014

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Bass-D - Soundcloud Page

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