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Beuk In Je Kanus 74.0 - Hardstyle Summer Edition (2020)

Has 2020 finally ended yet? It's been a terrible year, and for many it lingers in our minds that this was the year without any proper festivals. And when I say proper festivals, I'm obviously talking about events where 25.000+ people are crammed into this wide open field, dancing the day/night away to awesome dance music. Lasers everywhere, epic firework show at the end, speakers as far as the eye can see, and expensive drinks and merchandising. Yep, thats a proper festival for me. But this year it's not going to happen. We might see the odd festival here and there, but with a distance of 2 meters between each ravers, that's going to be one big ass field for everyone to fit in. So, to start this review with a positive note, 2020 can fuck off.

Beuk In Je Kanus. A solid place on Soundcloud if you want to hear Hardstyle/Rawstyle music. They provide us with music on a regular basis, and with their 74th edition of their Beuk In Je Kanus mix series, they have upped the ante. They made a summer edition. Damn, another reminder of a missed summer. But anyway, the summer, it's always a bit more happier, a bit more euphoric. I don't know why, but it does. So this mix is packed to the max with Euphoric Hardstyle anthems. And even though I'm a miserable sod, and I miss the festivals, if I close my eyes and hear this mix playing in the background, I can actually see myself on that field. Nikes covered in mud, and having the time of my life. Imagination can take me everywhere and anywhere I like.

Euphoric Hardstyle tracklist anyone?

  1. Phuture Noize feat Josh & Wesz - Liberal

  2. Endymion & Crystal Mad - How It's Done

  3. Noisecontrollers - Nobody So High (Sound Rush Mashup)

  4. Wildstylez - R.U.S.H.

  5. Max Enforcers & AmsterdamSoundSystem feat Mark Vayne - She Got Me Like

  6. Brooklyn Bounce - Club Bizarre (Headhunterz & Noisecontrollers Remix)

  7. Max Enforcer - Lost In Paradise

  8. The Vision - Melody Madness

  9. Exilium - Heart Of Glass

  10. The Pitcher feat Sam LeMay - Together As One

  11. Headhunterz - Megasound (Devin Wild Remix)

  12. Sound Rush feat Eurielle - Back To The Roots

  13. Headhunterz feat Malukah - Dragonborn Part 2

  14. Rebourne - Free

  15. Digital Punk & Noisecontrollers - Blue Horizon

  16. Clockartz & Bram Boender - The Art Of Being One

  17. NSCLT feat LXCPR - Reborn (Rebirth 2017 Anthem)

  18. Hard Driver & Code Black - GTFO

  19. Headhunterz - Headshot

  20. Headhunterz - Subsonic (Hard Bass Edit)

  21. Josh & Wesz - Overdrive O

I had to put on my headphones, just to capture the music as much as I could, as loud as I can handle it. Or, to put it in normal terms, as loud as the headphones could handle. I like my music hard and loud, and bass driven, so thankfully my headphone can handle it. And now I've got it set up to the max, blowing my ears into smithereens. Blow them the fuck up.

I'm truly fascinated about how euphoric Hardstyle can sound. It touches you in such a good way, you feel happier in a second once you hear those familiar chords. You are in another world, happier, and free. And guess where I am right now? Nope, not in my second living room, sitting mostly in the darkness. I am anywhere BUT here. I am among thousands of ravers, dancing, raising my hands in the air, and stomping the fuck out of everything around me with my feet. I am alive, and I know it.

Beuk In Je Kanus have selected a good selection of Euphoric Hardstyle anthems. Obviously when you talk about euphoric, you talk Headhunterz and friends. They have capture the sound, and made it so extremely catchy. And dancefloor friendly. But let's not just assume that Headhunterz rules everything: in this mix you find a lot of Euphoric anthems by the old and new generation. Young as Sound Rush, old as Noisecontrollers/Endymion etc. Still making sure the music is aligned with the style, and making it as cheerful as possible.

But you are probably wondering which record is my favourite? It was a difficult choice, but I had two favourite anthems: 'Back To The Roots' by Sound Rush and Eurielle, but the number one, the ultimate party record of this mix, has got to be ..... (drum roll please)... Rebourne's 'Free'. My sweet Lord, what an anthem! This is exactly what I want to hear, and this record immediately took me to a field. Yes, that field I was talking about earlier. Shit a brick, what a smashing record. This is euphoria, and you all know it.

Beuk In Je Kanus has delivered yet another wicked mix, and the responses so far have been great. This is a channel worth checking out, if you love your music to be rough and raw.

DJ: Beuk In Je Kanus

Genre/Style: Hardstyle

Mix Info: Beuk In Je Kanus 74.0 - Hardstyle Summer Edition

Length Mix: 01:03:05

Tracks: 21 (twenty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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