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Black In Time @ Sensation Black 12/07/2008

The year is 2008. Sensation Black is just referred to as 'BLACK', and the world was open to all of us. With a sick line-up they pleasured the ravers throughout the night: Marcel Woods, Fausto, Headhunterz, Technoboy, Showtek, The Prophet, Donkey Rollers, Black Identity, Evil Activities, Noize Suppressor, Miss Monica, Spider, JP, Fierce Ruling Diva, and Gizmo. It was going to be one of the last events held under the umbrella which was Sensation Black. But those that actually went, had a wicked time. The feedback was all amazing.

So for this year's event they decided to come up with something nice: Black In Time. A few well respected DJs, playing early/oldskool Hardcore anthems. So who did they ask? Well, you might have heard of them, if you love your Hardcore music: The Prophet, Bass-D, The Darkraver, The Viper, Buzz Fuzz, Dana, Weirdo, Pavo, and Vince. During their 47 minute long set they all had a small section in which they could play whatever they fancied. And the crowd was loving it!

It must have been too hectic to have so many DJs all at the same time behind the decks, hence why they let them play in groups. And during their sets they played the finest early Hardcore anthems we all love and adore. And a few Happy Hardcore anthems, but come on: you have to play at least a few Happy anthems, to liven up the mood, right?

The set was uploaded a few years ago onto Magpie303's page, and it came with a tracklist. Thats noice.

The Prophet / Bass-D / The Darkraver

  1. The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry

  2. Happymen - Love Is You (The Stunned Guys Hardcore Mix)

  3. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa

  4. The Darkraver & DJ Vince - Thunderground

  5. The Masochist - Killing Scum

  6. Distortion & MC Raw vs Bass-D & King Matthew - Raveworld

The Viper / Buzz Fuzz / Dana

  1. Jones & Stephenson - The First Rebirth

  2. Bertocucci Feranzano - XTC Love

  3. Pino D'Ambini - Up & Down Balls

  4. Scott Brown - King Of The Beats

  5. Mad-E-Fact vs The Viper - Control The Party

  6. Wasting Program - Bring That Shit Back

  7. Dune - Hardcore Vibes

  8. Forze DJ Team - '98 To Piano

  9. Speedy J - Something For Your Mind

  10. Bass-D & King Matthew - Hold Me Now

  11. Forze DJ Team - '98 To Piano

  12. L.A. Dream Team - Dream Team Is In The House (Acapella)

  13. Pilldriver - Pitch-Hiker

  14. J.D.A. - Voel Je Die Bass

Weirdo / Pavo / Vince

  1. La Onda - La Onda

  2. Jens - Loops & Things

  3. Thunderball - Bonzai Channel One

  4. Neophyte - Braincracking

  5. DJ Weirdo & Phil Omanski - Young Birds

The tracks on their own are really great. And it's a good selection by some of the finest DJs. Obviously they are the most well known anthems from our rave history. All, and I do mean all of these anthems are known. If you don't, you are too young. But a true Hardcore legend knows them all.

The actual concept is cool: have a bunch of wicked DJs, all play the finest Hardcore anthems. On paper it should work. But to me it just doesn't work. Some sections of the set are really great and you can tell that you've got a proper mix master behind the decks, and other times it's just a fecking mess. Too damn horrible to listen to. Maybe if you are intoxicated you might really like it, and maybe I would too, but I am sober, sitting at home, listening to this. And it doesn't sound great.

Certain sections are really nice, and the records themselves are great, but the mixing isn't really great at certain moments. It kind of ruins the listening experience for me. Which is a shame: I highly respect each and every DJ. Maybe they were all already intoxicated too?

Oh, and the MC isn't great. I don't like any MCs in the Hardcore and Hardstyle scene. They ruin literally everything. And this MC did not bring anything to the table.

Yeah, I found this set, and before listening I thought this would be a great set. It's OK, but nothing special. Kind of ruined by the errors. Ah well, maybe the next set I listen to might be a better one.

DJ: Black In Time

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Happy Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Sensation Black 2008

Length Liveset: 00:47:29

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2008

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: ----------


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