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Black Terror (ALBUM MIX) (2020)

What the fuck is this? Well, I was asking myself the same question. This is an album mix, containing records from the album 'Black Terror', by Polish producer Groan-er. I've never seen or heard of this album, and never heard of this producer. I think my curiosity got the best of me, when I browsed Soundcloud. I saw it, saved it to listen to it later, and now I am. And I don't know what I'm feeling right now. You know something is messed up, when I'm even thinking 'what the fuck am I listening to? What the fuck is this?'

But, don't get me wrong, I do love myself a bit of Terror. But this, what you are about to listen to, is beyond that. It is different, and you must be a specific kind of person who appreciates the hardest of hardest. This isn't music for those who can't handle anything hard, rough and tough. Basically, you need to have emerged from the depths of Hell to appreciate this mix. Satan himself approves this kind of music.

I had the same feeling a few years ago when I discovered an artist called Omkara Techichi. Weird as fuck, but after a while I got hooked onto his sound and style. Groan-er is currently an artist who I know nothing about, and his music can only be described as weird. There's an element of surprise in each song, taken from his album, but if that's a good thing or bad thing, that's up to you, the reader/listener.

So, now you would like to know which songs are in this mix? Well, here you go:

  1. Groan-er - Mottling & Gurgling

  2. Groan-er - Satan Is Jesus

  3. Groan-er - VII

  4. Groan-er - The Beast

  5. Groan-er - Candyman

  6. Groan-er - No Terror No Life

  7. Groan-er - Fury

  8. Groan-er - Negative Thoughts Seeker

  9. Groan-er - Anger Power Manipulation (Dedicated to Ed Kemper)

  10. Groan-er - Injected Your Brain 2

  11. Groan-er - Najwyższa Siła

  12. Groan-er - Ręka Diabła

If this isn't the kind of music played in the deepest depths of Hell, I don't know what they play there. It's already a cesspit of madness and disparity. If this isn't on Satan's play list, what is? You cannot have it any deeper, darker, and masochistic.

I am not saying that weather outside has been glorious, but at least it hasn't been dreadful. It happened the second I pressed play, and Groan-ers songs came at my, at light fucking speed! I knew beforehand that the songs were Terror/Speedcore focussed, but fuck me sideways: this isn't what I was expecting.

I feel like I need to bash my brains with something sharp and pointy, and do it until I bleed ferociously. And dance as fast like never before, until the skin of my feet is torn off, and the only thing I'm still standing on, are the bones in my feet. This is insane.

Not always a fan of guitars in anything Hardcore/Terror related, but it seems to be OK in Groan-er's songs.

He's got some more 'slower' sounding songs, which causes less headaches. 'Satan Is Jesus' is a damn good record. I really like that one. The others are still good, but fuck me, it can be a bit too much. As dark as this I've not seen or heard before.

If you like your music to be so damn hard, your ears start to bleed? Well, this is the album for you!

I'll revisit this mix in a few days/weeks/months, and if my views change, I'll amend this review slightly (for the good or bad). But for now, 4 out of 5 stars, is still good!

Act: Groan-er

Genre/Style: Terror, Speedcore

Mix Info: Black Terror (ALBUM MIX)

Length Mix: 00:45:19

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2020

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