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Bouncy Techno Anthems of the 20’s (2023)

Before you start having a pop at me, let me explain: the cover image above isn't technically speaking linked to this mix. It's taken from an old album, and it's been tweaked slightly to resemble the mix you are about to listen to. So don't you get all excited, hoping it would be a mix filled with tracks by Scott Brown, Force & Styles, Twin Terror and more. They won't appear in this mix, but what does appear in this mix, are Bouncy Techno anthems made not back in the 90s or early 2000s, but the here and now: the 20s!

I do love new Hardcore that sounds like the 90s style. The music that dominated back in the 90s, revived, and it is desperately necessary. I am not saying that I've had enough of all the tunes from the 90s, but what I'm saying is that we need some new stuff that resembles the music we grew up with, danced with, and raved with until the sun emerged out of nowhere. It felt like it was left behind in the 90s, but there are still a handful of producers out there that keep this bouncy kind of Hardcore alive.

The happy beats, the beautiful melodies, and sometimes the piano bits come in... boy, the happiness that surrounds these tracks is still a blissful thing to experience. Yet it still has this unique and distinctive 90s vibe. There aren't many that stay true to the sound, but those that do keep it alive, to them I say 'salute'! I do salute everyone that keeps a much missed sound alive. And J,O.E. has made yet another interesting mix, with all brand spanking new tracks, and they all sound old. Old, but not outdated! Old but fresh. Old and new. And I love it.

  1. DJ AD feat Casketkrusher - Rave Blaster

  2. Wicked XXX - Stamina

  3. Lockjaw - Rough & Tough

  4. Dr Zombie - Carmageddon

  5. Casketkrusher & Happical Movement - Music For The Nineties

  6. DJ AD - Old Skool Madness

  7. DJ AD - Movin & Crusin

  8. X4phanthom & DJ AD - Sky Of Sunset

  9. DJ AD feat Ratacore - Ignition

  10. Biodome - How Many People Like Hardcore (X-Fly Remix)

  11. X4phantom & DJ AD - Doubledecker

  12. DJ AD & DJ Portos - Back To The Shake

  13. Catking & Happical Movement - Fresh Funky Beats

  14. Chiqui & Luffy - Give All Your Love

  15. Early Milan - Piano Funerals (DJ AD Remix)

  16. U-Nique - Kick Ass

  17. DJ AD - Roots

  18. DJ AD - Can't Handle This

  19. The Bloody Deamon & DJ AD - Bass Place (2022 Remix)

I would normally say something like 'oh, a blast from the past', and it wouldn't be a 100% true. Yes, they might sound like they were recorded in the 90s, but they are extremely fresh, new, and some I've not even heard before. A blast from the past for the present day ravers. Maybe that's more suitable.

J.O.E. knows how to make a mix interesting, and his latest mix is yet another slammer. Full of Bouncy Techno records (a.k.a. Hardcore/Happy Hardcore/Happy Rave/Happy Gabber etc). Some of the producers in this mix have been on my radar for quite some time, and whenever they release stuff, you know it's going to be great. Artists such as DJ AD, Casketkrusher, and more. To be fair, it could all be DJ Casketkrusher, as he's got a billion aliases he uses.

The happy vibes come at you from the first to the last second. And the tracks are all solid. And they have now become a very pleasant addition to my already insane music collection. And they blend in nicely with the 90s Hardcore anthems. It's like the 'death' of Hardcore never happened, and life has moved on, and Hardcore stayed the same, for all these years.

The only comment, and it's a petite one, is that the recording volume goes right the fuck up around the 43/44 minute mark. I actually had to lower the volume, as I was waking up the whole neighbourhood, which isn't always the nicest thing to do!

But a solid mix, nonetheless. Thanks again J.O.E. for yet another slamming mix! Keep 'em coming!

Best record? 'Fresh Funky Beats'. Come on, no debate possible. What a big record! Would have been definitely a success song the 90s, might have even appeared in the top 40! It's that good!

DJ: J.O.E.

Genre/Style: Bouncy Techno, Happy Hardcore, Happy Rave

Mix Info: Bouncy Techno Anthems of the 20’s

Length Mix: 00:56:52

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

More Information: J.O.E. - Soundcloud Channel

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