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Breakbeat Revolution 1 - Mixed By Faz (2011)

I have been on a CLSM buzz the last couple of days. I have been on Soundcloud most of my life, and recently I re-discovered the Next Generation Podcast playlist, and one of my most favourite guest mixes is the mix done by CLSM, a.k.a. Jon Doe. His mix was (and still is) such a dope mix, I have had it on repeat for hours on end. I needed to hear more CLSM stuff, and I remembered that there was a CD series called 'Breakbeat Revolution', which were mixed CDs, from which the first two were mixed by Faz. Not sure who mixed the third instalment, but yeah, that mix series. I just thought of it, and wanted to see if there's one somewhere online. I had already reviewed the second mix, now it's time for the first instalment.

The first one was released 13 years ago, back in 2011, and the second and third one were back in 2015. And the Next Generation Podcast episode was released in 2011, so what I am trying to say, is that I needed to hear Breakbeat music from around 2011, which had some fantastic releases around that time. CLSM/Jon Doe and his label had some amazing tunes released on them, by some truly inspiring producers. If you would have asked me, back in the early 10s, I would have mentioned CLSM as one of my favourite Breakbeat Hardcore DJ/producer.

He is still one of my favourite, and it's a shame he's so underrated. Even the label, CLSM, should get more recognition for what it has achieved. The quality of the music is insane, truly inspiring, and very dancefloor friendly. Imagine going to an event and hearing tunes that were released on CLSM (the label), that's just Heavenly, right?

Faz made this mix back in the day, and it was received very well! On Discogs it has an average rating of 5 out of 5, but it's not what Discogs has to say, it's all about TCD and my views. Is it as good as the reviews on Discogs?

  1. CLSM feat Stefan B - Drifting Away

  2. Nu Foundation - Liberation (Reese Mix)

  3. Virus & Milo - Not The Only

  4. CLSM - Free Your Mind

  5. Cube::Hard - Micro N2

  6. CLSM feat Bello B - Roof On Fire (Something Inside)

  7. Abeyance, Shauny C & Gammer - Have You Ever (Cube::Hard Remix)

  8. Top Cat - Walking On The Moon

  9. CLSM feat Lisa Abbott - Timebomb (Cube::Hard Remix)

  10. Buzzmasta - Shoreline (Orbit1 Remix)

  11. Virus & Milo - Searching

  12. CLSM feat Bello B - Transmission To Mars

  13. CLSM vs Vinyl Junkie - Jump & Twist (Remix)

  14. Cube::Hard - Dark & Light (Setting Sun)

  15. Entity - Fallout

  16. CLSM - Sensory Vision (Part II)

This is a very good looking list, and the tracks take me back the golden years of Breakbeat Hardcore. Well, I would say the UK Hardcore scene in general, it was amazing back in 2011. The music was great, and you had a plethora of excellent producers. I miss those amazing years, they were a blessing in disguise.

There's so many amazing names in this list, and it makes me wonder what ever happened to them. Those names were everywhere, and now they aren't. It's a shame, as they are excellent producers though.

A great selection of records, and very beautifully mixed together by Faz. His mix is interesting, nearly as good as Jon Doe's mix for NGR podcast. It's close second.

There are so many epic anthems in here, and most might go for 'Timebomb' as their favourite, but mine is 'Shoreline'. Big anthem, highly underrated. Maybe this review might give it the credits it should get, for being awesome! And it should be played more! Would you agree, or disagree?

A solid mix. Can't believe it's nearly 13 years old, it still sound extremely fresh, and absolutely NOT outdated. Boy, do I miss the Breakbeat sound from the 10s! I am sad now. I am getting too old too damn quick!

DJ: Faz

Genre/Style: Breakbeat Hardcore

Mix Info: Breakbeat Revolution 1 - Mixed By Faz

Length Mix: 01:11:03

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 717 MB

File Type: wav

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 1411kbps

Release Year: 2011

More Information: Faz - Soundcloud Channel

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