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Butterz is the Sound [Special all Butterz mix for Begrime - 15.06.2022]

Butterz, wasn't he the one from Southpark, or am I getting confused now? Butterz? Is that maybe the vegan friend of margarine, or the distant cousin of butter? Nah, I am only kidding with you all. But that's only because Pearsall was so friendly to add a bit of info underneath his latest Grime mix, which is focussed on the label Butterz. Never heard of the label before, but have heard of the songs released on the label, including one of the filthiest Grime records ever made! But we will come to that in a minute!

Pearsall's latest mix is full of Grime. How full? Well, it's roughly 70 minutes of Grime, from the finest artists around. 31 records, not all released on Butterz, but most of them are. A few other gems had to be thrown in, to make this mix superb. And the result is 68 minutes of Grime magic. Pearsall also shows he's not bound to one style or genre, this man can literally play everything he fancies, and it's a bliss.

His set for Sub FM radio, for Begrime, was all recorded from vinyl. And you know what I'm about to say next? Well, vinyl rules. Authentic sound, and you can hear that throughout this set. But to be fair, it's not all 'old' vinyl sounds coming through your speakers: no crackling noise, no skipping, just pure music.

I am a Grime fan, not a fanatic or connoisseur, but I do appreciate it a lot. So I won't be able to give more feedback besides my personal feelings for this music. So no feedback on the artists, sorry about that.

So let's dip our toes into the stream that is filled with Grime music today, and let's see what's in store!

  1. Swindle & Silkie - Unlimited

  2. Terror Danjah - Bipolar

  3. TRC - Oo Aa Ee (VIP Mix)

  4. D.O.K. - Chemical Planet

  5. Swindle - Airmiles (20.000 Miles Later)

  6. Mr Mitch - Skittles

  7. Swindle feat Ricardo China - Connecta

  8. S-X - Woooo Riddim

  9. Newham Generals - Humpty Dumpty

  10. Flava D - Robot

  11. Rapid - License

  12. Flava D - Plate

  13. Terror Danjah - Air Bubble (Starkey Remix)

  14. Terror Danjah feat Ruby Lee Ryder - Let Me Be The One

  15. Swindle - Mood Swings

  16. D.O.K. - Keep Making Grime

  17. S-X - Bricks

  18. Royal T - Music Please (Devil Mix)

  19. Rapid - Rebore

  20. Royal T - Shotta (Kahn & Neek Remix)

  21. Royal T - Hot Ones (Remix)

  22. Trim - I Am (LV Remix)

  23. Royal T - Orangeade VIP

  24. P Money & Blacks - Boo You

  25. Royal T - Cool Down

  26. Champion - Speed

  27. Rebound X - Rhythm & Cash (Flava D Remix)

  28. Flava D - Home

  29. tqd - Day & Night (Day Mix)

  30. Swindle feat Flowdan & Mungo's Hi-Fi - Global Dance

  31. Royal T - Glacier (Angel Mix)

This is hard! Pearsall goes in hard, and gives us the finest Grime sounding records. And one record in this mix has kept me from listening to other songs.... but guess which one it is?

It's 'Bricks' by S-X. Some people think that Rocky song, where he runs up a flight of stairs somewhere in 'Murica, is the ultimate motivational song, but this S-X song is just pure motivational. Fuck Rocky, give me this song any time of day, and I will gain more energy in an instance.

But there's so much more to this mix. I love the darker tracks. Those more focussed on the music, and no messing around. Just pure music. And there are some in here that tick the right boxes. And I freaking adore them. They take me back a few years, when Grime was literally the only style I would listen to (and everything under the UKG umbrella, to be honest).

Pearsall has done a wicked job, and this mix should get more plays. Anthem after anthem. It's 68 minutes of pure pleasure. And it's given me enough energy to get me going through the week! More of these mixes please.

DJ: Pearsall

Genre/Style: Grime, Dubstep, UKG

Mix Info: Butterz is the Sound [Special all Butterz mix for Begrime - 15.06.2022]

Length Mix: 01:08:14

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 101 MB

File Type: mp3

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 208kbps

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