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Cherry Moon Trax | Tomorrowland Belgium 2018

Tomorrowland has got to be one of the biggest events in the world. If it isn't, it has got to be the most respected event in the world. Whatever it might be, it's truly an amazing event which puts Belgium on the map. Belgium has got more to offer thean just Manneke Pis, wafels and other random things. Not just this event, but also Cherry Moon Trax. This Belgian act has dominated since the early 90s and has given us memorable anthems, and guess what? They played only the finest classic anthems during their hour long set on the 27th of July 2018.

This sound is so unique. Belgium is truly a remarkable country, and has meant a lot to EDM lovers. During the 90s and early 00s they have us so many wicked tunes, and you will see a lot of them in this tracklist. And it's a beauty. One thing I do need to mention before we all dive into this liveset (which is linked to a Youtube video), is that there's one annoying re-occuring thing throughout this set: the MC. Just to warn you.

Tracklist. Be ready for awesome music!

01. Cherry Moon Trax - The House Of House

02. Yves Deruyter - Back To Earth (Rave Mix)

03. Marco V & Jens - Loops & Tings Relooped (Marco V Remix)

04. DJ Ghost - The First Rebirth

w/ DJ Ghost - The First Rebirth (Baby Doc & The Dentist Remix)

05. Butch & Sundance - Back To Earth (Brain Bashers Remix)

06. Yves Deruyter - The Rebel

w/ Mario Pompetti - I Had A Dream There Was No Dream (Acapella)

07. The Moon - Blow The Speakers

08. Public Domain - Operation Domain 2009

09. Armani & Ghost - Airport

10. Derb - Derb

11. Club Scene Investigators - Direct Dizko (Sander Van Doorn Remix)

12. Darude - Sandstorm

w/ Chantal - The Realm (Acapella)

13. The Montini Experience - My House Is Your House

14. Dune - Can't Stop Raving (The Montini Experience Remix)

15. ID - ID

16. Tiesto - Lethal Industry

17. Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400

Look at this beauty. Some I haven't heard in a long time. Sometimes they fly by, but you won't hear them on the radio anymore. Especially in the UK where the commercial radio stations do not underline the importance of European Dance music. There's more to life than just the Spice Girls, Elton John and Boyzone.

Cherry Moon Trax are doing their best to entertain and educate these people. And judging by the video they are doing it well. The rain came down during their set, but that didn't bother them at all. It's so cool to hear a set like this one: takes me right back. My youth was dominated by these tunes. And we've got to realise that some are annoying as fuck, like 'Kernkraft 400', and 'Sandstorm', and that's just because you still hear them EVERYWHERE.

But all the other records in this mix are tight. Especially 'Airport', 'The Rebel', 'The First Rebirth', but the one that does it for me has got to be 'The House Of House'. A true raver classic.

As I said before, the MC is annoying as fuck. And it even looks like he wasn't even born when these two legends dominated the dance world. Maybe he needs to finish his MC school first: the first rule of an MC is not to talk when it's not appropriate. And he does it constantly. A huge let down.

All in all a wicked set. When the MC doesn't speak it's perfect. And you see how much the act and the fans are loving it. Maybe next year I'll go. Unless the tickets sell out ridicilously fast, as they always do.

Act: Cherry Moon Trax (Yves Deruyter & DJ Ghost)

GenreStyle: Various Styles

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Tomorrowland 2018

Length Liveset: 00:57:54

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown

Bitspeed: unknown

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