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Classic dance anthems to take you on a journey back in time. Vinyl mix (2021)

It is Monday. Where has the weekend gone to? It's flown by too damn quickly. We need something to motivate us. Nothing too hard, or nothing too soft. We need something heavenly, and Trance is just the right kind of music to elevate us. It's going to be a very long week, so let's get cracking with some nice Trance anthems from the forgotten era. And it ain't a short mix: a nearly 2 hour long mix with 20 records. This mix will certainly get us through the day, what is left of it. Maybe it wil get us through the week, who knows?

The channel on Soundcloud is called Vinyl Trance Classics Radio, but it hasn't posted much. Only 2 mixes in a 3 year timespan. There's also not much information on the site, so let's focus instead on the music selected for this mix. They are the dance anthems from our generation. To be fair, you'll know most of them anyway, and they have appeared on many compilations during the Millennium years.

And I've bought many compilations over the years, and have heard them all. But there are still a few in here I've not heard before. And the good thing is, is that they don't sound dated at all. They are indeed classic anthems. This mix has had some good feedback, and it could be the right mix for you today, if you are looking for something danceable.

Which anthems are in this mix?

  1. Aurora - Ordinary World

  2. Lost Witness - 7 Colours

  3. Frankie Goes To Hollywood - The Power Of Love

  4. William Orbit - Barber's Adagio For Strings

  5. Lost Witness - Red Sun Rising

  6. DJ Sakin & Friends - Protect Your Mind (Braveheart)

  7. Rank 1 - Airwaves

  8. Alena - Turn It Around

  9. Above & Beyond - Far From In Love

  10. Lost Witness - Happiness Happening

  11. Lange - Follow Me

  12. Thrillseekers - Synaesthesia (Fly Away)

  13. 4 Strings - Daytime

  14. Dee Dee - Forever

  15. Balearic Bill - Destination Sunshine

  16. Skip Raiders - Another Day

  17. Ian van Dahl - Will I

  18. Southside Spinners - Luvstruck

  19. Plummet - Damaged

  20. Planet Perfecto - Bullet In The Gun

It's a good selection, all vinyl records, and that's always an added bonus. But yeah, I know all of these anthems, I grew up listening to them. Well, not all of them, most of them. And hearing them again makes me happy. To be fair, you do hear most of them on the radio, but they are always silly short edits, and I dislike those. You cannot shorten a classic like that.

The mix is OK. There are some mixing errors, but they are minute. The anthems are solid, most of them. But I have to address the elephant in the room. The third song in this mix, I really dislike this song. It has been killed by the amount of plays on a daily basis. You hear that song everywhere, and it's getting on my nerves. It's not my favourite, nor will it ever be!

But that's the only 'bad' song in this mix. The best song is 'Damaged'. Big anthem, it destroyed many dancefloors I've stood on. Big anthem.

A very pleasant mix, one you should be checking out. I enjoyed myself a lot, and it took me on a trip down memory lane!

DJ: Vinyl Trance Classics Radio

Genre/Style: Trance, Dance

Mix Info: Classic dance anthems to take you on a journey back in time. Vinyl mix

Length Mix: 01:59:17

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2021

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