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Club X Forgotten Tracks (2022)

This isn't the first mix focussed on Club X which I have reviewed, and it will certainly not be the last one. I saw this one go by on my Soundcloud timeline, and I had to grab it. Saved it under favourites, and now I'm checking it out. The promise of this mix is quite interesting: everyone knows the short-lived Club X compilation, and of course the legendary Club X too (I still haven't established if I've been or not...the 90s have been a bit vague... alcohol ruined a lot of evenings for me), and the music that they were focussed on, was obviously the harder styles. Not only was it their main focus, but it was the kind of music that made the club into a household name, and the legendary status outgrew the club... and still, in 2022, people seem to miss the club and the legacy it maintained throughout the heydays of 90s Hardcore music.

The DJ who made this mix, decided to pick tracks that reminded him of the club, but not appeared on the compilation CDs (most of them). The mix is an hour long, 30 records in it, so if you are into Hardcore/Gabber music from the 90s, you are in for a treat. A lot of these are a bit obscure, and have slipped through the cracks, unfortunately. They deserve a bigger stage.

But not only the underground and forgotten tracks are here, there are a few well known tracks from the 90s in here. Couldn't do a set without a few of those. It's a nice blend of everything Hardcore. And the selection by DJ Epyx is really cool. You'll love it. If you are like me, you are a tad bored, hearing the same mix over and over with the same records in all of them. This is different, and it's cool. And they are really the tracks you would hear in the 90s. In clubs such as Club X. Gosh, I miss the 90s a lot!

Tracklist was included, so here we go:

  1. Cypher - Sky High

  2. Bass X - Hardcore Disco Part II

  3. Dance Overdose - Overdose Stomp (Bass X Remix)

  4. Public Domain - Old Domain

  5. Bald Terror - Hardcore

  6. Wasteland - Is It Acceptable?

  7. Lord Of Hardcore - Go Berserk

  8. Ultimate Buzz - Check Da Bass

  9. Dyewitness - Only If I Had One More

  10. Trashman - The Last Fight (Fight One)

  11. Frenchtraxx - Devil's Voices

  12. Demand - Dark & Light

  13. Hyperact - My Best Friend

  14. Genaside - Fuck You

  15. Bass-D & King Matthew - It's Magic

  16. DJ Delirium & Buzz Fuzz - Immortality

  17. Scott Brown - Detonated

  18. Ni-Cad - Brainwash

  19. Dyewitness & The Nightraver - Hardcore Deejay

  20. Buzz Fuzz - D-Leria

  21. Space Seed - Devistation

  22. Delirium & Omar Santana - Drop Da Beat

  23. Tails & Noizer - Showtime (DJ Waxweazle Power Mix)

  24. Thulsa Doom - Do Not Remove The Fix

  25. Zero Tolerance - Big Rhythm

  26. Fourtrezz - Da Heartattack

  27. Active Force - Head Like A Pacman

  28. Happy Dreadlocks - X-Tra Hard

  29. Evil Maniax - We Are The Creators Of Hardcore (Bodylotion Remix)

  30. Yves & DJ Maikel - Runaway

What a tracklist. It's gorgeous looking, isn't it? Full of tracks we don't hear that often. And not just tracks that reminds you of Club X, but to me it reminds me of UK raves too. Or Dutch parties. Basically, it's timeless and borderless Hardcore. A good selection by Epyx. A truly epic tracklist, that's for sure!

There are a shit ton of excellent tunes in here. So many great memories, and they certainly take me back to a happier and more satisfying era of Hardcore. Mid to late 90s Hardcore still remains awesome to this day, and this mix shows me what I'm missing, and what the dancefloors are missing. More of these obscure Hardcore anthems please!

To pick one favourite is like picking a favourite kid. How's that possible? So I've picked two: 'Is It Acceptable', because it reminds me of House Party X, and 'Dark & Light', because it's just such a bad ass yet happy song.

A glorious dedication mix to the mighty Club X. This could be a good mix for you to listen to, if you are planning on going out tonight. If you are already on your way to a club, don't worry: this mix might be perfect for next week's adventures!

Ps. The song 'It's Magic', that's just a dreadful song. My God, wasn't expecting such a shite record to be in here... shame though...

DJ: Epyx

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore

Mix Info: Club X Forgotten Tracks

Length Mix: 01:04:09

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2022

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