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Club X - Volume IV (1998)

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

It's the year 1998. Which is now 22 years ago. It feels like it has only happened yesterday, but it has been. more than a few days ago. It was the year in which I lost my raving virginity. And the year I increased my music collection with many CDs and singles. Remember those? Anyway, it was a great year for me personally, and also for a lot of ravers all over the world. Hardcore was booming, it was the quickest growing sound all over the world, and the hype would not die (well, not yet, give it another year). It was so big, and everywhere and everyone organised parties all over the world. We were a force that couldn't be stopped. And Belgium also joined in this madness, with their own club, called Club X.

I have been going to Belgium around that era, but never went to Club X. It sadly closed before I had the chance to visit it. The only remembrance I've got nonetheless are a few CDs. CDs that have been played over and over, and completely ruined. When Club X ruled the scene, they did release a few CDs, mainly between 1996 and 1999, and they were quite successful on the Dutch album chart, with the first album having the highest position of 4 out of 100 albums, back in 1996.

The albums that I have got, are all damn good. It's a specific sound I do miss, and don't hear that often. The albums contained not only Gabber music, but also Techno, Trance, Club, House, Hard House, and everything the clubbing/raving community listened to back in the 90s. The album that gave me the most goosebumps is the 4th instalment, and it's a glorious album. I think it's time for us to blow off the dust of this album, as quirky as it might be, it's still a damn good 'un.

It contained 2 CDs, and I know for sure that there are may ravers out there who have not heard a few of the records on this disc for many years. Nostalgia factor = high!

CD 1

  • Marc Acardipane & DJ Rob - The 'X' Anthem

  • DJ Isaac & The Viper - The Real Shit

  • Da Tekno Warriors - Da Game

  • Hypnotizer - Move: Don't Stop

  • DJ Glenn - Jumpin' Muthafuckers (Original)

  • The Brutalist - No Equality (DJ Inferno's Blast Cut)

  • Sound Enhancers - Store & Forward

  • DJ Niel - Depth Of The Sounds

  • The Classic Men - We're Gonna Get This Place

  • Bodylotion - No Worries

  • Atlantic - My Heart Will Go On

  • The Prophet - Let It Roll

  • Neophyte vs The Stunned Guys - Army Of Hardcore

  • Misdemeanour - Step To The Dome

  • Miss Groove meets The Wolf - Angels (Miss Groovy Remix)

  • Hardcore Elements vs Bad News - Tell The DJ

  • Miss Flower - Mr. Randall

  • Sound Enhancers - Ill Behaviour

  • Marc Acardipane & DJ Rob - Class Of '89 ('98 Mix)

CD 2

  • Funny F - Funky (Original Edit)

  • Poogie Bear & Mark V - Funkier

  • DJ Peter - Put Your Hands In The Air (Instrumental 12" Mix)

  • Pat Krimson - Paranoid In Moscow (Titanic Mix)

  • Fiocco - The Spirit (Extended Instrumental)

  • Da Boy Tommy - Little Dicks (Pump Dat Dick)

  • DJ Glenn vs Voltage Club - Silent Six (Remix)

  • DJ Serge Servais & DJ Pascal - Enjoy The Villa (Chantzis Mix)

  • DJ Savage - The Heat

  • 3 Guys On Warwick - Let Me Tell You Something

  • Ittybitty Boozywoozy & Greatski - Pumped Up Funk (Klubbheads SG Mix)

  • Greenfield - Violet Club Sandwich (The Wicked Club Sandwich EP)

  • Fabulous Baker Boys - Oh Boy (Da Klubb Kings Apeiron Mix)

  • Camisra - Let Me Show You (Tall Paul Remix)

  • Tone Invaders - Flight 6865

  • Cherry Stone - Mysterious Motivation

  • AT Project - You're The One (Dub Version)

  • The Footclub - Driftwood (House Mix)

  • The Hornet - Keep Rockin'

These tunes might sound dated, but not outdated. Can you believe that this album was released 22 years ago? I can't, seriously can't. And you can't imagine me being young, stomping on the floor so loud, that my parents had to come upstairs, and cut the cables through of my speakers? I can't imagine that nowadays, seeing as everything is wireless (hurray to the future).

I feel a bit guilty though: the big rave clubs in the Benelux all shut down before I had the chance to visit them. I went to a few, don't you worry my son. Especially the clubs in the Southern part of Limburg, but I went everywhere. My favourite club? E-xlipse in Landgraaf. I've spend some dodgy times over there, raving my bollocks off. But also Bozzini. Only short lived, as I can recall?

Club X had a legacy, and a reputation. And when I was about 14 in 1998, I really wanted to go to Club X. You saw the legendary 'X' sticker everywhere, and the hype was enormous! I couldn't go, was too bloody young. But hey ho, at least we've got the music!

And the albums were a mix and match. Not really matching 100% with the sound you would expect to hear coming out of Belgium at the time, but they just crammed as much music on there, tunes that would please the clubbing and raving community. Tracks that would do well on the dancefloor and at home. Some of these tracks you needed to have a lot of alcohol in your system before you really started to appreciate it. But some have remained classics.

The best of these CDs? There are a few wicked tracks, but my top 3 are 'The 'X' Anthem' by Marc Acardipane and Rob, The Prophet's 'Let It Roll', and 'The Spirit' by Fiocco.

What also astonishes me is the fact that you can already hear the style we would later see taking over the soundwaves: Jumpstyle. It was coming, and coming hard. This music paved the way for a glorious future, yet not a glorious future for the club itself.

I really liked the CDs, and still do. Not the best compilation ever. But if you have been to Club X, you might have heard these tunes being played out loud, and you would probably appreciate this album even more.

Come on, Atlantic with 'My Heart Will Go On'? Wow, forgot that Hardcore also had a huge amount of crap tunes lol.

I cannot find the album anywhere for you to listen to, only the 'X' anthem. Still a fucking epic and MUCH underrated anthem. Bring back the fucking 90s right NOW!

Artist: Various Artists

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Hard Trance, Hard House, House

CD Info: Club X - Volume IV

CDs: 2 (two)

Length CDs: 02:32:52

Tracks: 38 (thirty-eight)

Label: Arcade

Product Number: 01.10596

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