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Coherent Incoherence - A Hardcore Mix (2021)

Our website might be small, but it still reaches out to an audience of like minded people. The other day I received a message from .less. on Soundcloud, And it is genuinely nice to hear good feedback on what we've been doing for 10+ years. There ends the positive feedback. Now the other side of using Soundcloud: the promoting of mixes. .less. had to obviously promote his mix and after checking his Soundcloud channel, I found another mix which might suited me a tad more. This mix was focussed around Hardcore music, so I obviously went with this mix instead (his other mix was Hardstyle focussed, but correct me if I'm wrong).

So is this your standard Hardcore mix? Not really. It is packed with Hardcore, Breakcore and Speedcore tracks. And it's also filled with unknown and obscure anthems. I always consider myself to be a Hardcore fanatic, but this mix has shown me that I've got a lot to learn. A LOT! So many records selected by .less. are a complete unknown to me, and I've never seen or heard them before.

It is nice to get a new insight to a sound I've been following since 1993. And on this rainy and boring day you need something to motivate you. This could be the mix, unless you hate Hardcore music, and if that's the case, why are you even reading this review? Go somewhere else, right now!

All jokes aside, let me show you the tunes .less. has chosen for this mix. If you are a full on 'obscure' Hardcore fanatic, you might like this. You might like this a lot!

  1. Nuclear Warhead - Get Off The Nuclear Warhead

  2. Collision - Ravemachine

  3. Ekeaze - Sunrise

  4. Distortion - Milk P4,13

  5. 25eme Dimension - Disturb The Force

  6. Nasenbluten - Truck Driver-Plus

  7. Buzz Fuzz - Destroyer

  8. 25% Of The Dreamteam feat Buzz Fuzz - Millennium

  9. Holocron - We Have A Choice

  10. 100% Acidiferous - Droid Sector

  11. Exsiderurgica - Devianza

  12. Ferra - Sound Of The Underground

  13. Count Negative & Drokz - Death Of A Zombie

  14. MF Machinist - Striker

  15. Mortified Rage - Off The Hook

  16. Wedlock - Sinewave Tones

  17. Micropoint - Return Of The T-Rex

  18. Patrick Catini/Toytone - Superhouse

  19. Ordeal & Matt Green & Unknown Artist - Guerrilla. Vice Squad

  20. Traffik - Part 1

  21. Noize Creator - Nasenbluten (Remix)

  22. End. - Fit To Die

  23. Electric Kettle - Racing Pigeon

  24. Kid 606 - I Want To Join A Gang

  25. Burning Lazy Persons - Poisoned Radio Wave

  26. The Speed Freak - Buried Alive (Biobreaks Remix)

  27. Threatcon Delta - The People Need To Be Killed

  28. Acid Enema - The Dark Sanctuary - Ecclestial Abadonnement

As mentioned before, I don't know most of these names. A few are obviously known, but the majority aren't. But as .less. mentioned, these records are from 3 decades, so you've got brand new records and 'old' records. Everything is in here, if you want to hear a mix with underground anthems.

I love this not so standard mix. It's different, quirky, and entertaining. Just what I needed to hear. And it's also jam packed with records I've never heard before. Good job .less., you have certainly given me a tracklist full of unknowns.

Even though some artist names are known, the records are not. And it does give me an insight on the rougher side of Hardcore. Not a huge fan of Breakcore or Speedcore, but if played at a rave, it will make me move fast and ruggedly. A highly entertaining mix by .less., and I've enjoyed it. A few tiny errors, but nothing to write home about.

And it's also a free download! How about that, eh?

DJ: .less.

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Breakcore, Speedcore

Mix Info: Coherent Incoherence - A Hardcore Mix Length Mix: 01:07:35

Tracks: 28 (twenty-eight)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 721,6 MB

File Type: .wav

Release Year: 2021

Audio; Stereo

Sample Rate: 44,,1 kHz

More Information: .less. - Soundcloud Channel

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