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Convergence 005 (Classic ID&T Special) (2016)

Since the early 90s I've been a fan of ID&T. Music wise of course. Been to a few parties organised by them, but I also purchase a shit ton of albums released by them. Of course the Thunderdome collection, but also other collections, such as their Hard Trance compilation, Innercity CDs, Mysteryland, and the list goes on. I was a huge fan boy, and you could tell. I was especially in love with the Trance and harder Trance sound that emerged after the Millennium. Hardcore was on its way out (not literally), so we had to listen to something else. Hardstyle was cool, but I was more of a flying high type of guy. So Trance it was.

Even in 2020 I am still a fan boy of the excellent music that was released around 2000. Those were glorious years. I don't know how big their market share was, but ID&T must have had a huge impact on the dance scene with their music. The compilations were top notch. Not always the finest, but certainly memorable. And today I've found a mix you all certainly would like to hear.

Ross Anderson's mix came to my attention because I wanted to hear a mix on Soundcloud which included a record by S.H.O.K.K. & Marcel Woods. I do not know who Ross Anderson is, and I didn't know he had his own show, but I did find this fifth instalment on Soundcloud, which coincidentally has the record I was looking for, and a few others too. Golden tracks from the ID&T era. Before it all went tits up.

So you are curious to see the tracklist, am I right? Well, here is it:

  • Benjamin Bates - Blue Monday

  • Benjamin Bates - Lost Myself

  • Rank 1 - Cosmomatic

  • Mac J - Perfect Blend

  • Rank 1 - Awakening (Ferry Corsten Remix)

  • Mac J - Nightwire

  • Jaron Inc - Nothing To Lose (Airbase Remix)

  • Woodshokk - Tulips & Chocolate

  • Marcel Woods - Static State (Tech Trance Mix)

  • Kay D Smith & Marc Tall - Hoipolloi

  • Marco V - Godd

See, this is a nice looking tracklist, isn't it? Beautiful and sweet. This takes me right back to the wicked years, the years I almost remember, but due to the amount of alcoholic beverages have got difficulties with remembering. But what I do remember will have a lasting impact on me. Gosh, I love the Millennium music. It was so damn good.

The track I am currently in love with, is 'Tulips & Chocolate', and that also the reason why I am listening to this mix. It's a damn good mix, and I am really enjoying it. Carefully selected and mixed. Not a fan of the first track, if I'm honest. Benjamin Bates has made much better records than 'Blue Monday', but after this the music increases, and so does my heartbeat. Classic after classic.

I really enjoyed this set, and so should you. Time to dig up those Millennium compilations, and feel like a teenager again. And with 'Tulips & Chocolate' I immediately feel like I am dancing in the Amsterdam Rai, at Innercity. The good years.

DJ: Ross Anderson

Genre/Style: Trance, Tech Trance, Hard Trance

Mix Info: Convergence 005 (Classic ID&T Special)

Length Mix: 00:59:55

Tracks: 11 (eleven)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 151.8 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio; Stereo

Sample Rate: 48 kHz

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