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Crystal Podcast 01 (2022)

Picture this. You are about to embark on your daily journey home, but the fuel is running low. The journey is roughly 60 miles, but it's driving on the M25 via Heathrow, and you know it's always going to be slow and steady. The service station that you normally go to, is shut down due to work being carried out, and you decide to risk it. The journey becomes more of a challenge: can you make it home before the car conks out? Will it be doable? Will you make it? You start driving cautiously and carefully, but it's still a journey you don't want to make every day... you need something to calm your nerves. Normal journeys for me are filled with harder styles mixes, but yesterday I couldn't. Too much sweating going on, and not because of the heat...

And during the journey yesterday, that's when I played this podcast by Crystal Metropolis. Never heard of that name, but don't need to really. My mind was focussed on my fuel and the lack of it. So what a normal sensible person would do, is just to press play, and that's exactly what I've done. And it certainly calmed me down, and lower my blood pressure. And it was good timing too, as the mix ended just as I was driving on the forecourt of the service station. It just had to be like this...

But all storytelling aside, let's focus on the mix. The vibes throughout this mix were awesome. Nice and relaxing melodic House music. And that's a style I do not listen to very often, so the names on this tracklist aren't recognised by myself at all, but the music speaks to me directly. I feel connected, and in a state of absolute bliss.

It's 77 minutes of smooth and sensual House music. You'll love it. Unless you need something hard and rough. But as the temperatures are going up and up (be careful out there, a weather warning ain't to be taken lightly), we need something suitable, and I think this mix fits in well today.

  1. Jerro - Coming Home

  2. Nox Van & Marsh - Come Together

  3. Eskai - Tides

  4. Tagavaka - Mostraumen

  5. Klur - Odysee

  6. Tim Green - Moss

  7. Jerro - Pantheon

  8. Nora En Pure - Life On Hold

  9. Marsh - Lost In You

  10. Nora En Pure - Tantrum (Dark Temper Mix)

  11. Volen Sentir - Arrival

  12. TInlicker feat Thomas Oliver - Need You

  13. Volen Sentir - Ororel

A short but very sweet looking tracklist. 13 tracks in 77 minutes. So that tells me Crystal Metropolis takes his time and will let tunes play out as long as possible, and you can certainly hear that during this set.

I really enjoyed this mix yesterday, and today too. I'm sitting here, WFH, temperatures are currently manageable (13 degrees Celsius), but they will surely go up and up. And even though it will increase quicker than expected, I am prepared for it. I'm chilled, as we speak. Cool as a cucumber. Not just because I'm sitting here pantsless, but also because of this mix.

The tunes might be made by unknown artists (to me), they've certainly left an impact. It's an hour and 17 minutes of pure bliss, and that's what keeps me going through today. And it made the journey home yesterday less stressful.

Got no negative feedback, only positive feedback. Loved the mix. And love all 13 records. Suggestion to you to jump on this mix right now, and let it chill you down. Oh, and it's downloadable too, so another reason to give this a go.

DJ: Crystal Metropolis

Genre/Style: Melodic House, Deep House, Progressive House

Mix Info: Crystal Podcast 01

Length Mix: 01:17:01

Tracks: 13 (thirteen) Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 176 MB

File Type: mp3

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: 320kbps

Release Year: 2022

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