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Cyrax - PSY HARD 2020 Promo Mix

I seriously had to look twice. Twice. Or even three times. Is this Bruce Willis, or Cyrax? But after close inspection it turns out to be the legend Cyrax. So why does he look like Bruce Willis in Die Hard? Well, one thing is for sure, Cyrax is well hard. His personality, you dirty pervert, I don't know if his trouser snake is hard, that's something only he knows. But let's get back to his latest mix. His PSY HARD promo mix of 2020. A short but sweet mix, focussed on the music Cyrax loves, and adores. But is it any good?

So why has he made a promo mix? Does he need another introduction? Well, I don't know. I know Cyrax, and a few other do so too. But it would be nice if his name was blasted around the dance scene more often. More stages for him to play on (obviously after COVID), and get more recognition for his tremendous work within the Freeform scene. And if I'm honest, I am always pleased to see a Cyrax mix.

Recently he did a mix with records by A.B, and now the focus is on his own skills, and his own productions. A few own productions, or should I say collaborations. He seems to be surgically attached to Transcend, but that's a good thing. Not only can you find a few collabs in here, but also a few records by well known and much loved Freeform legends, like Substanced, Rikki Arkitech, and more. But there's a small side note I have to mention before you get all excited, and it might ruin your Cyrax experience...

The mix is only 26 minutes long. And if you wished for a longer mix, I have to disappoint you, but don't you worry, there's plenty of excellent music on Cyrax's page, or on his label's page (Energy Field). But for now, let's focus on this 2020 promo mix. Is it good, or mediocre?

  • Intro - Lube Up Real Nice

  • Metrik - Ex Machina

  • Transcend & Eryk Orpheus - The Darkside

  • Stereotype - I Am Real

  • Transcend & Cyrax - Cortisol

  • Transcend & Cyrax - Unleashed (Substanced Remix)

  • Transcend - Dreamlab

  • SYNTHWULF - Cirrus

  • PeRCePTioN - The Theory Of Everything

  • Sharkey - Product Of Society (Fracus & Darwin Remix)

  • Substanced - Evolution (Douglas Remix)

  • PeRCePTioN - Kill Zone (A.B's 'FFWD 2 RWD' Remix)

  • Transcend & Cyrax - I'll Show You The Darkside (Jakka-B Remix)

  • Rikki Arkitech - Alone

  • Rikki Arkitech - AI Danger (A.B & Cyrax Remix)

  • Stereotype - Welcome To My Jungle

  • Transcend & Cyrax - Insight (Matt OD Remix)

This mix goes from an awesome intro into Drum and Bass to Freeform to Gabber. Isn't that what you were hoping for? Well, if it was, you are in for a treat. This is truly a wicked mix, but is it Cyrax's finest mix so far?

You see, I don't know. It could be, but he's made a few wicked mixes, and they are all good. I do like it when it's a diverse mix, and not your standard mix. The result is an interesting mix that keeps you going. And he's picked a lot of wicked anthems, which were released on the big labels such as Energy Field, A-Tech, Stamina Records, Hospital Records and more.

If you aren't into Freeform, this mix isn't your thing. But if you are ready to experiment, let Cyrax take you on a journey. As hard as the mix might be, as 'soft' and delicate the music is he used for this mix. And another bonus you might find interesting: it's a free download! Woop woop!

DJ: Cyrax

Genre/Style: Freeform, Drum and Bass, Gabber

Mix Info: Cyrax - PSY HARD 2020 Promo Mix

Length Mix: 00:26:12

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN

File Size: 285.4 MB

File Type: .wav

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 44.1 kHz

More Information: Cyrax - Soundcloud Page

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