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"D:/CHILDHOOD/TRAUMA/GPF/LIVE/THEPIEPSHOW2023.WAV" I Defqon.1 Weekend Festival 2023 I Friday I UV

From one weird unicorn to two weirdos on Defqon.1 2023. Life is weird, and life can be very unexpected. I didn't go to Defqon.1 this year, as I'm always too damn late in purchasing tickets (I am always seeing posts about events being sold out), but those that did go to it this year, you weren't expecting a big cock boat to float/hoover over you, right? They did the unthinkable, and brought the pinkness to the stage. Not the mainstage yet, but maybe next year? They can dream about it, maybe one day it will happen...

I am a fan of GPF and find them quirky as fuck, and I love it. Not everything is a success, but they can make me laugh, whenever I need to be entertained. They make me happy, and seeing them at all these big events, it makes me happy. You might disagree with what they are making and find it ridiculous, and I have to agree with you. Imagine a world without GPF, and it all remains serious and the funny element is gone. But I wouldn't want to live without GPF, the banter is what we need.

They did a wonderful job at Defqon.1 this year, and even got Mattie on a boat. How's that for an entrance? The pinkness was seen everywhere, and as standard, there were many blow up dolls, dicks, and condoms They brought the sexiness to the stage, and if an alien would have landed at Defqon.1 and the first thing they were to see, was GPF: would they embrace the pinkness, or return to their home planet, stating Earth cannot be saved, as we are a lost cause?

It makes no sense, but so do I. I don't make any sense, and people like/love me still. Hell, I'm married! So I've got at least one fan. GPF have got more fans than ever before, but my wife ain't one of them. Maybe one day I will convert her, but that day isn't near. Maybe in the next century..

  1. Headhunterz - Scrap Attack (Defqon.1 2009 Anthem) (GPF Edit)

  2. GPF - Miracle

  3. The Lonely Island feat T-Pain - I'm On A Boat

  4. GPF & S3RL - Cum Say Henlo

  5. GPF & J1zzy - Cummin On Ur Face (Cummy Edit) w/ El Chombo - Chacarron

  6. GPF & S3RL & DJ Gollum - Come Inside

  7. GPF - Greazy Frog

  8. GPF - Farkuador

  9. Rooler - MOVE 2 DA BEAT (GPF Remix)

  10. Gigi D'Agostino - I'll Fly With You (GPF Edit)

  11. Aversion - Activation (GPF Edit)

  12. GPF & Levenkhan - ID

  13. GPF feat J1zzy - Who's Ur Daddy (Piep Daddy Remix)

  14. GPF & D-Fence - Virgin (Kick Edit)

  15. GPF - Feeling Blue

  16. GPF & Riot Shift - Broccoli Fuck (Kimmercore Rimmercore Piep Fark Remix)

  17. Pinkfong - Baby Shark (GPF Edit)

  18. GPF & Mind Compressor - Spaghetti Love (Mizz Behave Remix/Spaghettamine Edit)

  19. GPF - Numa Numa

  20. Backstreet Boys - I Want It That Way w/ GPF - Sloof Lirpa

This makes no sense, but who cares? If you watch the YouTube video, you will see everyone loose their minds, and maybe cum in their pants too. I wouldn't argue with that statement, as it's a bit sexy. Not sure what the sexy bit is, but it is sexy. Everyone is having a great time, and especially when GPF trolls the crowd. That's just next level shit. Not the first time they've done that, but it doesn't get old.

Will this ever win an award for being awesome? Yes. But it's not about winning awards, it's about winning hearts. People are smiling, and that's all you need to see. The world is already a fucked up place, we need something to liven up the moment. GPF can do that.

Sure, I sometimes want my music to be hard, rough, and no nonsense, but every so often I need to have a laugh, a giggle, and seeing two blokes, dressed in pink, on a stage at Defqon.1, ending their set with Sloof Lirpa, that's genius. (Sloof Lirpa is April Fools in reverse, if you haven't noticed it yet).

But the best bit of this set wasn't a song. Well, it was the introduction, when they took an already legendary song, and fucked it up. The intro has made me laugh the most!

Again, I'll receive some hate for loving GPF, but everyone's entitled to have an opinion. And their music makes me want to touch myself. No other artist has got the power to make me touch myself.

Love you, GPF. You have mastered your brand, and your marketing skills are insane! Kudos for those that keep GPF in everyone's pink eye sight.

One side note: less microphone. Keep the microphone off the stage lol.

Act: GPF

Genre/Style: Piepcore, Uptempo Hardcore, Hardcore, Rawstyle, Fuck knows...

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Defqon.1 2022

Length Liveset: 00:46:30

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via YouTube): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Bit Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

More Information: Q-Dance - YouTube Channel


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