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D-Fence @ Lockdown Podcast 001 (2021)

It is Monday, another week in 2022. And let's start the week with something hard. Ever heard of D-Fence? This mysterious DJ and producer emerged onto the scene back in 2015, and has a wicked few years. He had a lot of successful songs over the years, like 'Dikke BMW', 'Krakaka', 'Rammen', 'BIEM!' ... basically anything trending on Dumpert would turn into a D-Fence record. But he's been a very busy boy (whoever it might be behind the mask), and he was asked for the Army Of Hardcore - Lockdown Podcast series to start the series. A good artist to start a series with, yes?

He's not been the only one, let me just name a few other names: Akira, Potato, Bloodlust, RVAGE, Catscan, Killshot, Spitfire, F.Noize, and many, many more. I am not familiar with the AoH events, but that's mainly because they take place in the USA. This mix literally appeared on Soundcloud because I follow D-Fence (who doesn't?). I had to listen to it, and now I'm sitting here, with a sore neck because of me moving my head to vividly to the music. Thanks D-Fence.

Nah, all jokes aside. During the first few years it was kind of funny, his music, but over the years he's progressed, and became a well known name and a well respected producer. In this 30 minute long mix he has played a few of his own records (obviously), but in a weird (but positive) way his music just sounds so much more mature. You will know what I mean if you compare the stuff from the mid 10s to the stuff now.

But what can you expect in this 30-ish long mix? Well, these bangers that make you go BIEM!

  1. D-Fence - Brainshock

  2. D-Fence - MTFCKING LOUD

  3. Angerfist & Mike Redman - Reprogrammer

  4. N-Vitral feat Sovereign King & Last Word - I'm Nuclear

  5. D-Fence - Covid-19

  6. Sefa - The Omega

  7. New Kids feat Paul Elstak - Turbo (D-Fence Decade Mix)

  8. Deadly Guns & Dither - Sick In The Head

  9. Mike NRG - Lost In Dreams (D-Fence Remix) (Q-Base Anthem)

  10. D-Fence & Mr. Hyde - Snoeien

You might be at the end of your latin at the moment, and need a boost. Why not let D-Fence lift your mood up, by playing the finest Hardcore anthems out there? Most of them made by himself, but hey, self promotion is required, eh?

This is such a mature and solid mix. A good tracklist. A bit diverse, not just D-Fence in the mix. But the majority of the records are. And the records, well, are fucking GOOD. Especially the Covid-19 record. I got early Angerfist vibes when I heard this mix. And to me it is still the finest Hardcore track out there at the moment. It just suits the world we live in so well.

Wasn't the vocals taken from this idiotic priest/vicar from the States? Who was going to 'blow' Covid-19 away?

The tracks are solid. Even though I'm not a fan of Sefa, I do appreciate the song in this mix. And even the 'Turbo' song, that song has been in my head since it was released. To hear another version of it has lightened my day.

All jokes aside, D-Fence's mix is tight. Short and sweet. You get your dosage of Hardcore in 30 minutes. And probably the dopest track that will remind us in the future what a fucked up time it was we experienced during 2020 up until ... (who knows)... COVID-19. More of this Angerfist sounding music please, D-Fence. I fucking love it!

Wicked but short. That's this mix in a nutshell.

DJ: D-Fence

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Uptempo Hardcore

Mix Info: D-Fence @ Lockdown Podcast 001

Length Mix: 00:30:54

Tracks: 10 (ten)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2021

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: D-Fence - Official Website

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