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DanNorman 92 - 93 Hardcore Pirates Selection (2022)

It is Tuesday, time for something different. A trip down memory lane, for many ravers out there. If you were 'old' enough when the underground was taken over by Hardcore music back in 1992 and 1993, consider yourself lucky. I was way too young to experience it (10 years old and still into 2Unlimited and other pop groups), but if you were there from the beginning, you might feel blessed, and you should be. For those that witnessed the birth of something special, here's a mix for you that might raise the nostalgia factor for today.

DanNorman made this mix, and uploaded it a few days ago onto Soundcloud, and obviously it got shared. Hence why I jumped immediately on this. I might have been too young to understand Hardcore back then, but I'm catching up on everything I've missed. And this is another mix I have added to my ongoing Hardcore history list. I do not know much about this DJ, but what I do know, is that this mix is sick. Sick as in good, not sickening.

This mix is dedicated to the pirate radio stations from back in the 90s. Kids who are too young probably don't remember sitting in front of your multi media deck and record music onto tapes. And if that wasn't enough of a challenge: try to record songs WITHOUT any interruptions from the DJ or adverts. That was always crucial, and a challenge. Walk away from the cassette player, and you might have half an advert on the cassette. Glorious days, eh?

Compared to the present day, the music quality was a tad 'less'. The famous crackling noise from vinyl, or the shit sounds you would get from tapes where the actual tape lost its strength. Or worst, when the tape got ruined, and you would have to rewind it with a pencil, and that bit of the tape was destroyed. You will be able to hear some of those noises throughout this mix. Time machine, here we come!

But which records did DanNorman use for this mix? Well, these:

  1. Hedgehog Affair - Don't Just Stand There

  2. Dr S Gachet and Funky Junky - Logan's Run

  3. Hi-Fi Power - Chillout

  4. Rufige Kru - Terminator

  5. Nebula 2 - Peacemaker

  6. Sublove - She Moves Through

  7. Unknown Artist - Light Of The Underground EP

  8. Dica & DJ Big Vern - Don't Think About Me

  9. Dune - Too Much (Acid Aston Remix)

  10. Order 2 Move - Rizla Bass

  11. Higher Octave - Untitled

  12. Kaotic Chemistry - Space Cakes

  13. Nino - Revelation (We See The Light)

  14. LTJ Bukem - Logical Progression

  15. DJ Trace - Teach Me To Fly

  16. 2 Reefer - Don't Look Back

  17. DJ Jinx - Paradise Project

Where's the whistle crew? Glowsticks? Horns? Where are you all? You might be digging out the whistles and horns, and go ape in your living room, or car, or wherever you are. Go back in time, roughly 29 to 30 years ago. And fucking hell, that's a long time ago, but it feels like it was only yesterday...

This is 70 minutes of pure nostalgia. A very good selection of records. As mentioned before, I was too young when this all happened, but I do feel more in sync with the music from the early 90s. And DanNorman's mix contains some heavy hitters. Some I'm familiar with, and adore. He's done a great job, and even left the crackling noises in there. How's that for nostalgia?

No need to grab your pencil and rewind the tape. This is the cloud. But at least you can feel for a split second like you are back in the 90s. And I freaking love it.

Those 70 minutes do fly by. Only love for this mix. Proper oldskool vibes. Love it! Might even dig up my own whistle and horns and might make some noise. Who is going to stop me, besides the old Bill? No one, exactly!

Best record? The first one. Disagree? Fight me in the comments!

DJ: DanNorman

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Hardcore, Rave, Breakbeat

Mix Info: DanNorman 92 - 93 Hardcore Pirates Selection

Length Mix: 01:10:05

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2022

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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