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Dano @ Mayday - The Raving Society - 1994

It is 1994. I was only 11. Germany was the epicentre of the raving world. 34.000 people attended the Mayday event, which was called 'The Raving Society'. The line up is one you can only dream of: Westbam, DJ Dick, Marusha, Laurent Ho, DJ Edge, Tofke, Luke Slater, Mike Dearborn, Frankie Jones, Dave Clarke, Andy Dux, Jens Mahlstedt, Tommy Yamaha, Members Of Mayday, Q-Tex, Acid Scout, Pravda Tract, CJ Bolland, Phrenetic System, RMB, and Raver's Nature.

Now that's a line-up you wish you could attend in 2020. But hey ho, we all know COVID is a son of a bitch, so we can only reminisce, and listen to the good ol' days. I think there is a video on Youtube for this event, but I'm not sure. But if you are really that desperate, there must be something for you to quench your thirst. Maybe this set by DJ Dano might be the thing you were looking for, on this Christmas Eve?

So I only found this set the other day. Didn't even know Dano played at this event. but I'm not a walking Wikipedia page, so there we go. But this is a set of the mighty legend Dano. He's been within the scene since the early days, and has left a mark on the scene. I was happy to find this mix, and hopefully it is one you really want to hear too?

The set contains the finest Early Hardcore music. But they probably didn't call it Early: for them it was normal Hardcore. But it was Hardcore, no doubt about it. It was rough, it was hard, and it was all mixed together, live. So which tracks were selected by Dano to please the Mayday fanatics?

  1. Shades Of Rhythm - Grass Hopper

  2. Hiroshima - Cyanide

  3. DJ Gizmo & The Dark Raver - We Got The Juice

  4. The Scotchman - Asylum

  5. Brothers In Crime - Let Me Suck Your ....

  6. Lord Of Hardcore - Go Bezerk

  7. Q-Tex - E-Creation ('94 Mix)

  8. Dano - 120 - 9000 BPM

  9. Zong II - Tangoa (Club Mix)

  10. The Scotchman - Life Force

  11. Sonicdriver - Lethal Breaks

  12. Brothers In Crime - Drop Da Beat

  13. Sonicdriver - Manic Insanity

  14. Stingray - Power Of Darkness

  15. Sonicdriver - Back

  16. The Scotchman - Mind Transfer

  17. George Vagas meets Mike D - Hyperdome

Wow. Proper early Hardcore vibes. And you can also hear the crowd loose themselves fully. Can't believe this set is 26 years old!

Anyway, let's talk about the set. Yes, this is way before the world we live in, and the technology we have. This is all during the days when vinyl was the only option. Or maybe even tapes. But I'm guessing Dano used vinyl, not tapes. And the set contains a few errors. But would your set be flawless, when you have got limited technological advantages, and you play for thousands of mad ravers? I wouldn't think so.

The set is only 45 minutes long, but within those 45 minutes, ravers are pushed to their limit. Especially when Dano plays his big hit '120-9000 BPM'. You know you will get a beating when he plays that monster anthem.

I do miss the early sound. And as good as these tracks were, they do remind me that we are moving away further and further from these majestic sounding records. Time flies by too fast.

DJ: Dano

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Early Hardcore

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Mayday - The Raving Society - 1994

Length Liveset: 00:45:30

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Recorded: 1994

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: Mayday - Official Website

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