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Dark Autumn Mix 2023

We started today with a mix dedicated to the early Hard Trance anthems, and now we venture into a slightly different sound: the darker Techno/Trance anthems. The tone is slightly darker and edgier, and I like that. We are getting closer to the weekend, and my energy levels are below average, so I need a boost, I need that energy to rush through my system. And after listening to this mix once, I know that this mix will certainly increase my levels, with ease.

But before we proceed, can I just point out the eye. The eye. So beautiful and ominous. You cannot take your eyes away from it. Scary, and it kind of looks like she's looking into your soul. Or maybe the eye is looking at you, hoping you are checking out this mix?

But let's talk about the mix. The Soundcloud channel FINRG has reposted this mix, as one of their tracks made its way onto the mix, which is made by Vanhis. It it cool to hear and see tracks appearing in otherwise non Freeform mixes. But Decion can make excellent harder Trance/Techno records, so it was an obvious choice to have it on this mix. But it's not the only song that will create some damage.

All of these tracks are new to me, and I've not encountered these before, so it's going to be all new, fresh, and exciting!

  1. Alex Di Stefano - The Hybrid (Extended Mix)

  2. Space 92 - Voyager (Original Mix)

  3. Martyno Dowsha - Levitating (Original Mix)

  4. edetto - Jack Daniels Ain't Bourbon (Original Mix)

  5. Patrick Scuro & Nicholas Julian - Time (Original Mix)

  6. Alignment - Close Your Eyes (Original Mix)

  7. Alex Di Stefano - Cube (Extended Mix)

  8. Mha Iri - Rise Up (Original Mix)

  9. Gayax - Reloaded (Extended Mix)

  10. Brendan Bartels - Jet Black (Extended Mix)

  11. OGravity - Starwalk (Extended Mix)

  12. Inoblivion - Anaesthesia (Extended Mix)

  13. Nikolauss - Voice Of The Ravens (Extended Mix)

  14. Lestrange & Benefice - Ketamine Dream (Original Mix)

  15. Holy Priest & Elmefti & Faceless - Fuck This (Original Mix)

  16. Alignment - The Sound (Original Mix)

  17. Decion - Testament (Original Mix)

After hearing this mix for the first time, I knew it was going to be a great mix, filled with big anthems, and it was going to be one I would play repeatedly. Guess what I'm doing now? Correct, listening to it again.

I'm sitting here, energy levels back to the right level, and waving my fist in the air. This is exactly what I needed to hear, so thank you Vanhis for this mix. This mix is filled with energy increasing songs by great producers, and I've really enjoyed each song used in this mix. Especially Alex Di Stefano's 'Cube'. What a monster anthem. This proves: you don't need a lot, to get the crowd going. A beautiful,'simplistic' record, but it packs a serious punch.

The tracks might be a bit darker than usual, but there's still a euphoric vibe surrounding each on of them , making them easy on the ears. Maybe not so much on your brain, as the beats pound deep into your skull, but your ears will enjoy listening to this.

Thanks FINRG for sharing this. It was the hit I definitely needed. Let the weekend begin!

DJ: Vanhis

Genre/Style: Trance, Techno, Hard Techno, Tech Trance, Dark Techno, Hard Trance

Mix Info: Dark Autumn Mix 2023

Length Mix: 01:00:42

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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