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Dash Berlin - Vinyl Mix II - March 2020

I remember the last time I reviewed a Dash Berlin set: it blew my website into smithereens. The amount of visitors were tremendous, especially for this hobbyist's website. Dash Berlin was so kind to retweet the message, and I received tons of great feedback. After that he used his Jeffrey Sutorius alias, and I reviewed a mix, and now he's back behind the wheel of the brand Dash Berlin. I am not going to talk about this whole debacle, I am going to focus on the mix (like we should always do, keep certain things private). And the music, well, is good.

The mix is extremely fine. And as you can see from the title of this reviews, it's all vinyl Dash Berlin used. So these are classic anthems! And boy, did he use some fine anthems! He underlines it, by having 'Anthems' as his first record! And he was even so kind to play the forgotten gems. Don't worry: you don't get the cracking noise of the LP/vinyl. Clear and crisp sound coming through your speakers.

So the tracklist. It's a must see. Especially when we've got nothing else happening at the moment, seeing as we have to stay in and watch TV. Why not listen to some excellent Trance anthems? You know it makes sense.

01. Filo and Peri feat Eric Lumiere - Anthem (Nic Chagall Mix) i

02. Maor Levi - Reflect

03. Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren - Man On The Run

04. Jurgen Vries - The Theme

05. Viframa - Cristalle (Katana feat DJ Precision Remix)

06. Signum - What Ya Got 4 Me

07. The Mystery - Mystery (Above & Beyond Mix)

08. Piet Blank & Jaspa Jones - Cream (Paul van Dyk Mix)

09. Survivors - Heaven

10. Future State - Now Is The Time

11. Dash Berlin feat Emma Hewitt - Waiting (Sean Tyas Remix)

12. Binary Finary - 2000 (JamX & DuMonde's Millennium Remix)

This is an excellent mix. It's Sunday, and we all need to relax. Take our minds of this horrible COVID-19 disease. So why not chill with the finest Trance anthems, selected by Dash Berlin, and mixed together beautifully? I wouldn't say no to that option, if truth be told. And currently I am actually listening to this mix, so I am following my own designated path. I'm loving it.

Some of these records I've completely forgotten about! No joke. I forgot how awesome Signum's anthem was, or 'The Theme'. Or 'Cream'. My God, when that tune came out, I was hooked on it. This mix contains everything you need to hear right now: some early Trance stuff, and some more recent.

I've got no negative feedback regarding this mix. It's perfect, and beautiful. And the best record? Dash Berlin saved the best for last: '2000' by Binary Finary, remixed by JamX & DuMonde. Fucking epic anthem.

Let Dash Berlin take you on a journey this Sunday. To the Heavens and above!

DJ: Dash Berlin

Genre/Style: Trance

Mix Info: Vinyl Mix II - March 2020

Length Mix: 01:13:18

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

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