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Day-Mar - North Return To The Asylum (2011)

The other day I was on Soundcloud, and someone who made a mix filled with Millennium Hardcore anthems had a few tracks in it, made by Day-Mar. And it got me thinking, ''are there any mixes online made by Day-Mar?'', and the first one I found, was this set at North's 14th birthday event, held back in 2011. And it had an amazing line-up, as far as the eye can see. Angerfist, Unexist, Dione, Scorpio & Producer & Dolphin, Jay Prescott & Marc Smith, Brisk, and many more. And of course Day-Mar was there, and the set is online, for all to witness.

I'm guessing it might have been part of a CD pack? I remember those CD packs, and I even purchased a few myself. But never one from North, as I've never been, and not seen many livesets of their events on Soundcloud, or not seen many posts in general. But that's OK though.

Day-Mar was fairly unknown to me, until she released 'Embrace The Night', back in 2006. Boy, that was a game changer! That song was played everywhere, and it's still one of my most favourite records ever, but the one that she's made, which is higher on the list, is one a bit more obscure and forgotten, which is called 'No Prada'. Thankfully that track is in this set, which is one of the reasons I'm now listening to this set.

And I only know the Hardcore songs she's made, but she made oh so much more1 And there's a few of her records in this set, which blow me to pieces! Seriously, there are some underrated anthems in here you should definitely check out.

The tracklist isn't complete, so if you know the unknowns, leave a comment below:

  1. Negative A - The End Of The World

  2. Day-Mar - Black Widow

  3. Mike NRG - Lost In Dreams (Q-Base Anthem 2010) (Boris S. vs Frank Kvitta's Gods Army Remix)

  4. Day-Mar - Spinnekop

  5. Angel - Industrial Base

  6. Tymon - Ambush

  7. Angel - Can You See Me

  8. ID - ID

  9. Angel - Like That

  10. Waldhaus - A Journey Through Time

  11. Tymon - Nonlinear Dynamics End Of Eternity

  12. ID - ID

  13. Tones feat MC Impact - Rip It Up Harder

  14. DJ Arjuna & Beyonder - Shoot That Motherfuck (Negative A Remix)

  15. Life Runs Red - Theta Break

  16. Tymon & Waldhaus - Void

  17. Day-Mar - No Prada

  18. Day-Mar & Korsakoff - Screw Driver

  19. Day-Mar - Mindless

  20. Day-Mar - Pole Position (Masters Of Hardcore Pole Position Anthem 2008)

  21. Day-Mar - Guess What

  22. Unexist & Day-Mar - K.O. (Thunderdome Fight Night Anthem 2009)

Oh, there are some amazing records in this mix I've not heard in a while. I've not heard this set in its entirety before, so it's all new and exciting, but now I'm happy I discovered it on Soundcloud.

I've been listening to this mix over and over, and it surprised me how awesome this set was. Not just your run of the mill Hardcore set, but a set that contains literally everything awesome. From Hard Techno/Schranz to some rough Industrial to some proper Hardcore to everything in between. Day-Mar did a marvellous job, and the crowd in Bristol back in 2011 probably had a wonderful night. I certainly did have a wonderful time listening to this. It's now nearly 11:59am, and it's been on since 06:44am.

She takes it slow, and throughout the set the pace increases, and I love how she did it. I didn't even know she made some Techno focussed songs too. If I'm being honest, don't even know if I've ever heard a Day-Mar set before, so I wouldn't know what to expect. But I'm glad I have heard this set, as it's dope as fuck.

The MC isn't really needed though. But that's just my opinion.

There were three tracks in this set which blew me away the most. 'Spinnekop', 'Shoot That Motherfuck' and 'No Prada'. Can't pick a favourite, as they are all dope.

Her set is amazing, and even though it's 12 years old, it still sounds extremely fresh, and the songs haven't aged at all. Classic anthems! Wonderful set.

DJ: Day-Mar

Genre/Style: Hardcore Techno, Schranz, Hard Techno, Gabber, Industrial

Liveset Info: Day-Mar @ North Return To The Asylum 2011

Length Liveset: 01:02:25

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2021 (original 2011)

More Information: xxxxxx


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