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Daz Ellis aka Undercover Agent tribute mix (Juice, Splash, Suburban Base) (2024)

Sometimes you find mixes, and by just reading the title, it intrigues you. This was one of those mixes. A tribute mix by Soul On 10, for the late Daz Ellis, a.k.a. Undercover Agent. In my honest opinion, the name didn't ring a bell at first, but once I started listening to this mix, I found out that the majority of records have been heard by yours truly over the years, but the name just not acknowledge the name for some bizarre reason. But the music, that remains in my head, and once I heard this tribute mix, I recognised so many tunes. I had to listen to this mix in its entirety and let you know what I think of it.

According to Discogs, this artist passed away this year in March. Normally when I see tribute mixes, they are for artists who are still among us. RIP. It is always dreadful to hear someone passed away. But Daz Ellis certainly left a legacy behind. A very rich back catalogue of amazing records, the oldest in this mix being 30 years old, and the most recent one only 2 years old. The mix is a nice tribute, truth be told.

I might not have recognised the name, but the music does resonate within me. And as mentioned before, I've heard these songs before, some even in my most favourite Drum & Bass/Jungle mixes. I feel dreadful for not knowing the name, the man behind the name.

The music is as good as you want it to be. If Drum & Bass isn't your cup of tea, this might not be for you. But maybe give this a go. Trust me, this could be the one mix that persuades you to listen to more DnB/Jungle. The tracks are solid.

  1. Undercover Agent - Barracuda

  2. Splash - Babylon

  3. Undercover Agent - Oh Gosh!

  4. M.T.S. - Inspiration

  5. M.T.S. - Assembly Line

  6. Stakka K & K.Tee - Rugged & Raw (Splash Remix)

  7. Daz - Identity (Daz VIP)

  8. M.T.S. - Revolution

  9. Undercover Agent & The Kriminal - World Mash Up

  10. Undercover Agent & The Kriminal - Jah Works

  11. Undercover Agent - Dub Plate

  12. Danny Breaks - Step Off (Splash Remix)

  13. Undercover Agent - Bass Kick Mix 2 (96 Unreleased Version)

  14. M.T.S. - Brothers & Sisters

  15. Undercover Agent - Rougher Pt. 3

  16. M.T.S. - Baad Boy Sound (95 VIP)

  17. Daz - Liquidizer (Dubplate 1995)

  18. Undercover Agent - Hypnosis (Remix)

  19. Undercover Agent - Dream (96 Dub)

  20. Undercover Agent - Aphex Scanna

  21. DJ Zinc - Feel (Undercover Agent Remix)

  22. Splash Collective - Rebels

  23. Undercover Agent - Five Tones (97 Daz VIP)

This was a highly enjoyable mix, with songs that took me right back to the 90s. That distinctive sound, you cannot reproduce. So 90s. So dope as fuck. I could do an all-nighter with these songs. They are so awesome to listen to.

I remember many years ago, listening to music by Daz and similar artists, and spending hours playing games, with this playing in the background. This is the perfect style to listen to, if you are planning on playing many hours on your console or PC.

This tribute mix is a fitting tribute to the man behind these records. Again, the name might not have rung a bell, but the tunes were certainly the ones I listened to, growing up. The mix is 64 minutes long, and the flow is tremendously good. You feel relaxed, yet ready to go out, and party your ass off.

I could not find a single thing wrong with this mix, it is only love from the first to the last second. But when 'Baad Boy (95 VIP)' hits, that's when you know it is about to happen. The madness occurs, and I'm happy to have heard that song. What a big tune.

A fitting tribute. RIP Daz Ellis, and thanks for the music. This is timeless music, and your legacy will be heard for generations to come!

DJ: Soul On 10

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Jungle

Mix Info: Daz Ellis aka Undercover Agent tribute mix (Juice, Splash, Suburban Base)

Length Mix: 01:03:58

Tracks: 23 (twenty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024


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