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Defective - This Is Powerstomp Vol 3 Showcase Mix (2020)

Powerstomp. It's still around, for those who missed it. And it's great news. I used to love it a lot, and then it slowly went away, for no apparent reason. But Joey Riot came up with an idea. An idea so good, you couldn't say no to it. His label Lethal Theory was the location for Powerstomp a few years ago, and he was about to relaunch the style again with a brand new CD. But it became a Kickstarter campaign to get this all moving.

I am not an expert in Kickstarter campaign, but I'm guessing it's as simple as it sounds? You just donate money to someone, there's a target they need to reach, and once that is reached, the person delivers on that promise. And for this specific campaign, Joey Riot had multiple options you could choose from. Starting from £19 and going as high as you wanted it to be. Someone pledged around £1250 or more, and with such an amount of money, you do get more perks. So the more you pay, the more perks you get.

The goal was to reach £10,000, and he overshot that by 220%. He reached £22,064, and he now has an album which he can share with the world. The third instalment of the This Is Powerstomp' series. You get an album with tracks made by Joey Riot and friends. Who are his friends? Mike Reverie, Armin Lloyd, Seduction, M-Project, Technikore, Suae, Enemy, Macks Wolf, Kurt, Weaver, Elov8, Violate, Marc Smith, Haywire, The Watcher, Cally, Kutski,, and more.

But that's not just good news for the Powerstomp massive. Remember DJ Defective and his Core Sessions? He's back! I don't know where he went, but he's back, and guess what his first mix is? Yes, you are right: a promo mix for Joey's latest album. So expect 42 minutes of Powerstomp madness!

  1. Joey Riot x Haywire feat Tha Watcher - The World Is Our Stage

  2. Joey Riot x Marc Smith - Wait For You

  3. Joey Riot x Elov8 x Violate - Tell Me

  4. Joey Riot x Weaver - This Is A FKN Banger

  5. Joey Riot x Kurt - The Buzz I Want

  6. Joey Riot x Macks Wolf - This Is My Story

  7. Joey Riot x Technikore x Suae - LMHYR

  8. Joey Riot x M-Project feat Enemy - Killin It

  9. Joey Riot x Seduction - Face Down Ass Up

  10. Joey Riot - I Want Drugs ... Now!

  11. Joey Riot x Armin Lloyd - Ready Set Boing!

  12. Joey Riot x Mike Reverie - Another Dimension

On the actual album you get more records. I've not listened to the album yet, but guessing Joey was fully involved, you will get high quality anthems. With Joey you know you get some stomping anthems. And if you are into Powerstomp, you will be in for a treat.

Defective has selected 12 records of the album, and mixed them together nicely. His tracklist might say 11, but he missed out on Joey Riot own record 'I Want Drugs ... Now!'. Funnily enough the biggest record of this mix. The oldskool piano bit just does it for me. Takes me right back to the early days of Happy Hardcore, with a Powerstomp twist.

But does that mean the other anthems are boring, and absolute shite? Nope. Absolutely not. Defective starts with a banging track, that will certainly become a dancefloor slammer, and basically the rest of the mix is just one hit after the other. But not one hit wonders though.

I have to say that sometimes producers do these projects, relive the good ol' days, but then the album or mix sounds NOTHING like the old sound. With this album, Joey has stayed true to the Powerstomp sound. Yes, the quality might have been amped up slightly, but the main gist is still present. You can easily tell this apart from UK Hardcore/Happy Hardcore.

A wonderful mix, and a wonderful album. Well, the 12 records do sound wicked. And it's good to see not only Joey back in the producing seat, Powerstomp being back in our lives, but also Defective returning. Welcome back, everyone. Let's make Powerstomp big again. It deserves a bigger stage.

DJ: Defective

Genre/Style: Powerstomp, UK Hardcore

Mix Info: Defective - This Is Powerstomp Vol 3 Showcase Mix

Length Mix: 00:41:51

Tracks: 12 (twelve)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

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