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DJ Casketkrusher @ Primeval (24-06-2023)

Primeval, which was held on the 24th of June of this year, But I can't find any information about it. Been scrolling through Facebook for 10+ minutes, but there's simply nothing that stands out, which can give me a clue about the event and who performed. Well, at least I know one artist who performed there: Casketkrusher! And seeing as I'm a fan of his for a few years now, when his latest set was announced on Soundcloud, I jumped right on it. If there's one person who knows what I want to hear, it's Casketkrusher!

So instead let's focus on the set, and the tracks used. 30% of the tracklist are tracks which aren't IDed yet, but at least one I do know, so the percentages are going down. But from what is showing on the list, it's a glorious one, filled with tracks you certainly don't hear that often! You don't see or hear them in other mixes, which is a pity , in my honest opinion.

I am a fan of Casketkrusher, and his mixes have made their way to this website. We've even interviewed him a few years ago. He's one of the new generation who is keeping the early Hardcore/ Happy Hardcore sound alive, with his own label and many releases on it from himself and fellow early Hardcore fanatics. His Total Destruction Records is doing quite some damage on the dancefloors all over Europe, and it's good to see new music getting the recognition they deserve.

But for this set he went all out, and dug deep into his collection, to find those forgotten and obscure anthems most of us have forgotten about. You have a look at the tracklist, and you will say the same thing. They are so underrated!

  1. ID - ID

  2. Public Domain - So Get Up (Jeremy Mix)

  3. Not-A-DJ feat Nathalie - Out Of Control (The Stunned Guys Remix)

  4. Masoko Solo - Pessa Pessa (Prophet's Mix)

  5. Naughty Boys - Innocent Amusement (The End Mix)

  6. MD&A - The Cracken

  7. ID - ID

  8. ID - ID

  9. Technological Terror Crew - The Ripper

  10. Chosen Few - Ø Chøsen

  11. The Coalition - 9mm

  12. B.C. Kid - Smash The Guitar

  13. ID - ID

  14. DJ Sim - My Territory

  15. DJ Jordens - Koto's Revenge

  16. ID - ID

  17. ID - ID

  18. The Force Creators - Wheep & Howell

  19. Obituary H.C. feat Jonny B - First Time On This Phuture

  20. Nordcore G.M.B.H. - Welcome To Planet Hartcore

  21. ID - ID

  22. Delta 9 - Speaker Worship

  23. Somatic Response - Don't Fuck With An S.R.

  24. Nasenbluten - Cunt Face

  25. Ingler - Rkor Machine

  26. Neuwerk - Microbust

This is a tracklist and a half, isn't it? Don't know where he finds these hidden gems, but yeah, these are forgotten records. I can honestly say that the majority of these records have not been heard by yours truly for at least a decade, if not longer! And that's a shame, it truly is.

I do like it a lot, hearing those classic anthems again, and it's nice to see them all in one mix. There's plenty of hidden records out there besides these 26 anthems, but at least it's a start. We need to relive the 90s again, and blow off the dust of those records.

DJ Casketkrusher's mix is certainly an entertaining one. And it's got a track in I adored when it initially came out, but it never got the recognition it deserved: 'Don't Fuck With An S.R.'. Such a fucked up track, but so damn hard at the same time. Love it.

Oh, and I love 'Cunt Face'. Wicked track, awesome title!

It's a wicked set. Wish the tracklist was a bit more filled, but hey ho, at least we get a free mix from Casketkrusher, and that's all we could wish for, right?

DJ: Casketkrusher

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Terror

Mix Info: DJ Casketkrusher @ Primeval (24-06-2023)

Length Mix: 01:07:51

Tracks: 26 (twenty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

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