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DJ Casketkrusher - Thunderdome: "The Ear Damaging Megamix" (Mix 2) (2012)

Every week at least once I'm thinking about Thunderdome. Last week it was all about Thunderdome, seeing as I got rid of my whole collection and burned them onto my PC and hard drive. And before you go and ask for a copy, you can do one. I'm not sharing my music with anyone: paid enough guilders and euros and pounds for my collection. But I've accepted the digital age. So to go through every single Thunderdome album was a throwback to the golden years of my childhood/teenage years. It was magical.

Thunderdome was forbidden in our household. Mum specifically told me off, never to have a single Thunderdome album. As sneeky as I was, I asked her to buy me Mysteryland 1994 CD, which had as first CD the live sets taken from the Thunderdome area. So she couldn't stop me. After purchasing that, the quest began. And let up to an unhealthy obsession with it. No other compilation came close. Thunderdome was my everything. It was live or die. And I'm not sorry for getting rid of them all: I've got them digitally, and also Soundcloud is filled with million hours of Hardcore fun. Like DJ CasketKrusher's 2012 mix! Which is a megamix, and I know you want to hear that.

His mixes have been intriguing since the first time I heard and saw his name. And with this one he decided to get the early Thunderdome albums, take a few records off of them, and put them into a blender, and out came a megamix. Like the old Thunderdome megamixes, eh?

The tracklist is a thing of beauty, if you like the early stuff. If you don't, I do apologies, but don't worry: you can still appreciate it. Let this educate you: this is what made Hardcore the way it is!

01. Megamix: Intro (In The Name Of God)

02. The Prophet - Life Experience

03. The Android - Steroid

04. Critical Mass - Psychotic Break (Lenny Dee & Strychnine Remix)

05. 3 Steps Ahead - Action

06. Discofrisco & DJ Inferno - My Favorite

07. DJ Waxweazle - Legs

08. Lockjaw - Ruff 'n' Ruggin'

09. Jeremy - The Flow (Original Mix)

10. Lenny Dee & Darrien Kelly - Schoom!

11. DJ Buzz Fuzz - Destroyer

12. Hocus Pocus - Here's Johnny!

13. Citrus - Fascination (Original Mix)

14. Search & Destroy - What Kind Of Madness?

15. Critical Mass - Lift Me Up

16. DJ E-Rick & Tactic - Bring The Noise!

17. The Prophet - Big Boys Don't Cry (4 Minute Mix)

18. Tiny Tot - La Bambolina (The Stunned Guys Remix)

19. DJ Weirdo & DJ Sim - The Kamikaze

20. DJ Dione - Fucked Up!

21. 25% Of The Dreamteam - The Dreamteam Is Back!

22. Scarface - Don't Fuck With The Chuck (Toys 'r' Us Remix)

23. The Scotchman - Happy Vibes

24. DJ Paul - Play My Game

25. Scott Brown - Come On (Wind It Up)

26. Too Fast For Mellow - We're Gonna Get This Place!

27. DJ Delirium - The Sound Of The Beast

28. Too Hostile - Make 'em Clap (DJ Paul Remix)

29. Trancehistory - Doo Dey (DJ Dione Remix)

30. The Prophet - Dominatin'

31. Cellblock-X - House Of Spoo (Remix)

32. DJ Sim - The Minimalist (24k Solid Bass)

33. Triplet - Raggabum (DJ Isaac Remix)

34. DJ Dano - Welcome To The Thunderdome

35. Rob Gee, Repete & MC Romeo - Riot In N.Y. (Original Mix)

36. Bertocucci Feranzano - XTC Love (Original Mix)

37. DJ Buby, DJ Max & DJ Giangy - Musica Nevrotica (DJ Buby Mix)

38. Critical Mass - Burnin' Love (The Prophet Remix)

39. Duo Pennotti - Addicted II Raves (DJ Buzz Fuzz Remix)

40. DJ Gizmo - The Dope Man

41. Disruptor vs Chronotrigger - A Higher Power

42. The Prophet - The Breaks

43. The Viper - Voodoo Magic

44. The Force Creators - Wheep & Howell

45. Noizer & MC Drokz - Hardcore (Noizer Remix)

46. DJ Paul - Code Red

47. DJ Jordens vs Spiritual Child - Please Pay

48. DJ Arjuna - You're Ready To Start?

49. DJ Buzz Fuzz - The Introkiller (Work It!)

50. Megamix: Outro - Victory

Serious stuff by Casketkrusher. Serious stuff. No fucking around. Just straight to the centre: the core of Hardcore. He's made other tremendously insane mixes (like a wicked Thunderdome megamix, not like this one), and every time he blows me the fuck away. Serious mix. Impressed again.

Don't get me wrong: I do love his Happy Hardcore stuff, but these megamixes are also the creme de la creme. Especially when they take me back to the days of me having short hair, a training suit (from the Bristol, not a Nike supplier or Australian), and driving my parents insane by playing this out loud. Teenager from hell, that's what I must have been.

During the 90s I never really understood the early stuff, maybe it was because of my age. But now I appreciate it all, pre 1995 or not. For me it all sounds good. There's no disappointing moment in Thundedome's long history. Yes, not all records have been a success and not all their compilations were as brilliant, but still they made me who I am. A full on Gabber.

There are a few tiny mixing errors. But nothing too drastic.

Another epic mix. I can't pick my favorite. Maybe DJ Jeremy's record. What's yours?

You can not download this, but still appreciate it. Thank you Casketkrusher and Soundcloud, for making my evening!

DJ: Casketkrusher

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Happy Hardcore, Early Hardcore

Mix Info: Thunderome: ''The Ear Damaging Megamix'' (Mix 2)

Length Mix: 01:08:36

Tracks: 50 (fifty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown More Information: DJ Casketkrusher - Soundcloud Page

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