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DJ ChexMixer - Album Mix 8 (Alex Prospect - Dedicated) (2017)

Am I the only one who sometimes wakes up and wants to hear a specific artist the whole day? The other day I felt the urge to hear something very happy (maybe sometimes a tad cheesy) and exciting, and in a weird way I started to have a craving for Alex Prospect. I wanted to hear his last album 'Dedicated', so I went on the hunt and came across this mix by ChexMixer on Soundcloud. You can imagine my state of happiness after hearing this.

Before you get all angry and start trolling me, I do have the album. But it's on my home PC and at the time I needed to hear it, I was at work. So it was kind of complicated: couldn't go to my boss and say that I needed to go home to get an album. I would have been shot. So Soundcloud is always my friend in time of need.

DJ ChexMixer's set is, as you would have guessed, an album showcase mix. According to the info this is the 8th so far. Haven't found the time yet to check the others, I wanted to hear only Alex Prospect. Does that make me a fanboy? Or just a huge douchebag? Whatever I am, I am dedicated (see what I did there?).

It's a short mix. Which is slightly disappointing. Could have been much longer. But it still contains mr. Prospect's records, so I cannot complain!

01. Alex Prospect x Becci - All The Things

02. Alex Prospect x Klubfiller - True Feelings

03. Alex Prospect x Jack Ambrose - Closer

04. Alex Prospect x Joey Riot - Move Your Body

05. Alex Prospect x Gammer - Bad Bitch

06. Alex Prospect x Mark Breeze - Trvp Lyfe

07. Alex Prospect - Cameras, Action & Lights

08. Alex Prospect - Colours

09. Alex Prospect x Callum Higby x Rhezie - Watch Me Run

10. Alex Prospect - All Falls Down

11. Alex Prospect - Calypso

12. Alex Prospect x Darren Styles - Rock Right Now

13. Alex Prospect - I Don't Blame You

I think I mentioned it in the original review, but if you've got artists such as Mark Breeze, Gammer, Joey Riot, Klubfiller, and the mighty Darren Styles, collaborating with you, you know you are the bees knees! Fuck me, that's impressive. But what's more impressive is the quality of the anthems!

When you have a craving, always fullfill your needs. And when I did, I wanted more. So I kept pressing play over and over. This has dominated my working day completely. Sadly no-one in the office agrees with my musical choice (Hardcore, isn't that just boom boom boom?). So headphones were required, and they made working lush. Thanks Alex, for making my working day even better!

This mix is a belter. It contains the records I needed. So damn good. But which one is just the best?

To this question there's only one answer: 'Colours'. Such a happy vibes tune. The vocals are truly astonishing. And so goddamn uplifting! His finest record.

ChexMixer's dedicated mix turns out to be really interesting. Worth a listen!

DJ: ChexMixer

Genre/Style: Happy Hardcore, UK Hardcore

Mix Info: Album Mix 8 (Alex Prospect - Dedicated)

Length Mix: 00:29:09

Tracks: 13 (thirteen)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): DOWNLOAD/LISTEN File Size: 66.9 MB

File Type: mp3 Bitspeed: 320kbps

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