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DJ PI - My Definition Of Early Hardcore (1992 - 1994) (2023)

Let's go back in time. It is something I do a lot over the years. The older I get, the more I reminisce about the decades I've left behind, and the older I do get, the more regret I have for not partying harder than I already did. I could have done so much more. And the biggest regret that I have, which was beyond my control, was the fact that I was too young when Hardcore emerged out of nowhere, back in 1991/1992. I was too damn young, and I hated being too young. Those older than me did actually rave throughout the golden years, and I only started in 1998. Yes, I was still only 14 years old, but if I'd had it my way, I would raved from 1991 until the present day. Things didn't go the way I wanted them to happen, but can't change the past.

Hence why I think back a lot. On the things I did experience, and the things I sadly didn't. And today's mix is one that takes us back to 1992 to 1994. Some would say the early years of Hardcore, some would say the golden years, and some would say the end of civilization. Whatever your views are on Hardcore, it was so different and awesome: it did leave a permanent mark on the dance scene forever. It was there to stay, and even in 2023 we are still talking about it. Hell, parties are still being organised, parties where Hardcore is the driving music genre.

It will never die. It might have changed slightly, but the main gist is still the same. Stomping beats, and raw sounds. If it's got a melody, that's an added bonus, but not a requirement. DJ PI's mix was shared by someone on Soundcloud, and I jumped on it once I saw it. And now I'm listening to it.

2 hours of records from 1992 to 1994. Even though I was still a nipper, I was already starting to venture in this unknown sound, and fell in love in 1993. I am in full awe of the music, but there's still plenty of songs I've not heard. I did buy as much as I could, but still not enough. And this mix contains both well known and the more obscure records. You'll love it!

  1. Kuarda - La Onda (The Wave) (La Onda De Einstein Mix)

  2. Frankie Bones - We Can Do This

  3. 8 Mix - Primitive

  4. Maurizio Braccagni - Bass Solution

  5. E-trax - Yo, Te Quiero

  6. Next - High Volume

  7. Unknown Structure - Soma

  8. Raver's Nature - Day Of Justice

  9. Illuminatae - XVX vs Monotone: Tremora Del Terra (XVX Remix)

  10. DJ M + DJ Andre - Untitled (Und Tanzen)

  11. Boom Terrorism - Muay Thai

  12. Bisart - Wrong Is Right (Hardcore Remix)

  13. DJ Bountyhunter - Short Circuit

  14. Sequential One - Dance

  15. Chosen Few - Tranceparant

  16. Scott Brown - Detonated

  17. Ni-Cad - Brainwash

  18. Bass Reaction - Technophobia (Power Mix)

  19. Kinetic Pleasure - Get That Feeling (Bass-X Remix)

  20. Omar Santana - Shake That Ass

  21. Casseopaya - Riot Cracker

  22. Brainblower - Mental Hangover

  23. S-Ence - Take Control

  24. DJ Edge vs Lenny Dee - Silence Of Eternity

  25. Ilsa Gold - Up (Bone Castro Remix)

  26. Rave Creator - Bleep Blaster

  27. Ilsa Gold - Up

  28. The Mover & Rave Creator - Atmos-Fear

  29. The Speed Freak - Intro/ The Hard One

  30. Technosis - Kaos

  31. Trickster - Reality

  32. The Marck - Energy

  33. Nightraver - We Are From .... (Remix)

  34. Dye Witness - Spirap

  35. DJ Hooligan - B.O.T.T.R.O.P. (Hakke Hakke Proll Mix)

  36. The Bazeman - Bazeman

  37. DJ Rob - Caveman

  38. Wedlock - Acid Rain

  39. Simstim - Other Dimensions

  40. Bunkor Beats - Mental Atmosphere

  41. DJ Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Verrotted

  42. RMB - The Place To Be

  43. Pinhead - Slammin Beatz

  44. Lenny Dee & Ralphie Dee - I Control Your Body

  45. Duo Pennotti - Addicted II Raves

  46. Frankfurt Terror Corp. - X-tra Hard

Yes, yes, YES! This mix is exactly the right one I was looking for, for a very long time! I've listened to many mixes over the years that focus on the early stuff, but it's never this filled, never with all these records! These are exactly the ones I grew up, listening to them on my 'my first Sony' Walkman. And I'm not kidding!

This mix contains the right tracks, and the tracks that I consider early Hardcore anthems! This is what I think of, when someone talks about early Hardcore. I've not found a mix this compact and yet with the right records. Yes, they are unpolished, rough around the edges, but oh so freaking good.

I don't know who's behind the DJ name DJ PI, but he/she has done a marvellous job. The tracks are FANTASTIC, and all have a huge nostalgia factor surrounding it. I feel young again. You think the present day Hardcore is rough and tough? You're wrong! Just listen to this mix and you'll know a) how rough the 90s were, and b) what kind of pioneers these artists were.

It was difficult picking one record. I had to pick a few. Here they are;

- Omar Santana - Shake That Ass

- Charly Lownoise & Mental Theo - Verrotted

- Ilsa Gold - Up

- Pinhead - Slammin Beatz

- RMB - The Place To Be

What is your list? What's your views on this mix? This, to me, is a trip down memory lane. A good selection, and the perfect mix to get you all ready for the weekend ahead! Enjoy this mix, and rave safe!


Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Gabber, Hardcore, Techno

Mix Info: DJ PI - My Definition Of Early Hardcore (1992 - 1994)

Length Mix: 01:59:33

Tracks: 46 (fourty-six)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2023

More Information: _PI_ - Soundcloud Channel

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