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DJ Razz - Gerse Deuntjes Voor In De Auto #2 - Mary Goes Wild Again (2020)

As you all know, I'm an advocate for diverse mixes, and on this Sunday evening I think I have found a good mix for you all. And seeing as you reading this, it probably means that you are into diverse music too? Judging the title of this mix it was made by someone from the Netherlands, or Belgium. Not heard of DJ Razz before, but trust me, his mix is one dope ass mix. If you were looking for something outside of the standard box, this is the perfect mix for you all.

At first I thought this mix was focussed on Tech House due to the title of this mix (Mary Goes Wild), and the first few tunes were indeed Techno-ish tunes, but it quickly escalated to literally everything under the Sun. Techno, Jumpstyle, oldskool Rave, Hard House, Hard Techno, Hard Trance, House... you name it, and it's in here. It's a good combination of styles, all crammed in a 2 hour long mix. It's a good mix to listen to when you are going to drive a long journey. You don't want to hear those boring radio tunes, you want to hear everything all at once. And DJ Razz gives you exactly that!

It is messed up, this mix. He goes from one style to the next, and it shows when you look at the tracklist. It is super diverse, got to give DJ Razz that. This takes me back to my clubbing years, when the DJ would literally play everything he wanted. Not bound to one style or one genre. I remember the good days in Heerlen, Maastricht, Valkenburg, etc. I would be completely gone by 1 o'clock at night. But I had a brilliant time. Out with my mates, listening to wicked ass tunes. This reminds me of those days.

Seeing as I know nothing about the DJ, let me show you the tracklist, and let it blow your mind! It is something else, and the comments on Soundcloud underline the uniqueness of this mix. It's crazy!

  1. Wildchild - Renegade Master (Fatboy Slim Oldschool Mix)

  2. Outlander - Vamp

  3. Faithless - Insomnia

  4. Charlotte de Witte - Wisdom

  5. Jaydee - Plastic Dreams

  6. Adam Beyer feat Green Velvet & Layton Giordani - Data Point

  7. Benjamin Bates - The Manimal

  8. Low Atomic Style - Atomic Playboy

  9. Ramirez - Hablando (Hablando Acordeón Mix)

  10. Roentgen Limiter - The Old School

  11. Ben Dust - Endo (N.O.B.A. Remix)

  12. SRVD - Talking 2 B Mad

  13. A*S*Y*S - The Acid

  14. Dandi & Ugo feat Steve Soprani - Answer (N.O.B.A. Remix)

  15. N.O.B.A. - Sampled I.P.

  16. Roentgen Limiter - 1992

  17. N.O.B.A. - Apollo

  18. Da Hool - Meet Her At The Love Parade

  19. Cherry Moon Trax - Needle Destruction

  20. Grooveyard - Mary Go Wild!

  21. Charlotte de Witte - Form

  22. Charlotte de Witte - Selected

  23. Master Techno - My Noise

  24. The Ultimate Seduction - House Nation (Piano Mix)

  25. Mory Klein - Kick That Bass (Club Mix)

  26. DJ Seb B - Mass Noise

  27. FC Boulogne - On Rain

  28. Gangs From L.A. - Metamorphose

  29. Da Rick - Attention

  30. Robert Armani - Watch It

  31. The Bad People - Rex

  32. DJ Isaac feat Mad-E-Fact - Shuffle To Da Middle

  33. DJ Boneyard - I Survived 2K18

  34. The Ultimate Seduction - Nightmare Walking

  35. Klubbheads - Raise Your Hands (Klubbheads Old School Remix)

  36. Klubbheads - Klubbslang

  37. Klubbheads - Big Bass Bomb (Flexx Klubb Mix)

  38. Virtual Zone - Virtual Zone (Club Mix)

  39. The Moon - Sushi

  40. Da Rick - Rumble

  41. DJ Tiesto - Flight 643

  42. Retro Junky - Played By The DJ

  43. DJ Ze Mig.L - Drunk Chicken (DJ Glenn vs DJ Dex Powerpunch Remix)

  44. DJ Vince - The First

  45. The Horrorist - Flesh Is The Fever

  46. Vicious Delicious - Hocus Pocus (Bow Chi Bow)

  47. Mike Dunn - Magic Feet (DJ Francois 2012 Edit)

  48. Joe Inferno - Tribual Church

  49. Joe Inferno - Hysteria

  50. Crowd Control - Transformer

  51. Private Productions - Looped

  52. Felix Project - On The Floor (Mark With A K Remix)

  53. DJ Glenn vs The Voltage Club - Silent Six (Remix)

Yes.This is one insane tracklist, and if you ask me, I don't know how DJ Razz did this so effortlessly. I don't know how he pulled it off. It's like he doesn't give a shiny shite about the style or genre, he plays whatever he wants to play. And if the next track is a completely different style, pfff, not too difficult for DJ Razz.

On a more serious note, the mix is impressive. And it's so good. The title of his mix contains the bit 'deuntjes voor in de auto', which translates to 'tunes for in the car'. This will certainly be my guilty pleasure mix when I go back into the office next Wednesday. It's got everything I want, and everything I didn't even know I needed. So many styles/genres crammed into this 2 hour long mix. DJ Razz did his best to get our attention, and he certainly grabbed mine from the first second to the last.

It is seriously impressive. I really liked it a lot. The mix contains whatever you fancy, and some more. Even early Gabber tunes! How about that, eh?

I am really impressed. Not so much in regards to a few of the records, but that's just a personal opinion. But all in all a very good and entertaining mix. He's gained another follower on Soundcloud: me!

Best record? Fuck me, there are loads. The Moon with 'Sushi'. Good Hard House anthem!

DJ: Razz

Genre/Style: Techno, Gabber, Trance, Rave, Hard Techno, Hard Trance, Hard House, etc.

Mix Info: DJ Razz - Gerse Deuntjes Voor In De Auto #2 - Mary Goes Wild Again Length Mix: 02:03:02

Tracks: 53 (fifty-three)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Release Year: 2020

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: DJ Razz - Soundcloud Page

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