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DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Slammin Vinyl - Old Skool Collection (2001)

Who remembers this CD? Who ever had this CD? Who bought the magazine 'Fast Car' just for this CD? Unfortunately, it wasn't a magazine that was released where I used to live (or maybe it did, but I just never purchased it). But it was 2001, so a few years away from when I actually got my license and car, and before I started 'tuning/modifying' the vehicle (I put that like that, because I was modifying on a tight budget, so it was cheap as chips). But I do remember buying magazines myself that had singles and full length CDs in them. Unfortunately not this one, which would have been a nice added CD to my collection.

Red Alert and Mike Slammer. Two names I do know, and appreciate. But I don't know much about them to paint a picture here. I do know of their existence and their records, but that's all. I've had a quick look on their Discogs page, and the latest added bit was in 2021, a track which was released on Slammin' Vinyl. Don't know if they are still active, or what they even do as of now. Their records have appeared on many oldskool compilations and mixes, but yeah, that's all I know.

So if you do have some more information, please share. Always eager to learn, and I find these things interesting.

They released so many awesome records, and 16 of them appeared in this special 'free' CD, which came with Fast Car Magazine volume 185, June 2001. The CD was an hour long, but 16 amazing records did fill the hour. And today is the day I found this mix, and I'm a happier person for finding it. The records are seriously insane, bonkers, and timeless masterpieces! If you are old enough, you might even recognise them all, and it might bring a tear to your eyes!

  1. D-Force - Original Bad Boy

  2. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Just Wanna Hold U Tight

  3. D-Force - Ruff!!

  4. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - I Don't Need Your Love

  5. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ganja Man

  6. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect

  7. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Let's Do It

  8. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - In Effect (Remix)

  9. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Ruffer!!

  10. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - You Are The One

  11. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Feel So Real

  12. Question Mark - Volume 3 A

  13. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Music's Got Me

  14. Question Mark - Volume 2 A

  15. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - The Ride

  16. DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer - Dis One

This is such a masterpiece, it's unbelievable that I've not heard of this mix CD beforehand. Why did no one notify me of its existence? This is really a wicked CD, and to imagine that this came free with a magazine. This is such a masterpiece. This define a long lost generation, a sound that doesn't exist anymore.

Over the years I have been blessed to hear music from the 90s, and have been to a few parties, and have purchased many compilations, but today I'm going to make a statement that might raise some eyebrows. But Mike Slammer & Red Alert, they are certainly in my top three of favourite duos of all time. Their music is just too damn good, and as 'old' as these tunes might be, they still work well on dancefloors all over the UK and the world. Their music has stood the test of time extremely well. And this CD is proof of how awesome their music was.

The disc might be 22 years old, it still sound fresh. Worth to be played in your car, or at home, with the volume on max.

I really loved this CD, and the channel that uploaded this onto Soundcloud, thanks for doing so. I only wish I was old enough to have raved in the UK when this shit was fresh and extremely hot, and I wish I actually bought this magazine. That would have worked well with my first car's sound system, which in the end blew the rear window to a billion pieces.

All tracks are awesome. Can't pick one. All 16 are freakishly good! How can you pick?

DJ: Red Alert & Mike Slammer

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Breakbeat, Happy Hardcore

CD Info: DJ Red Alert & Mike Slammer – Slammin' Vinyl (16 Track Old Skool Collection)

Length CD: 00:58:51

Tracks: 16 (sixteen)

Release Year: 2001

Label: Fast Car Magazine

Product Number: FC019

More Information: n/a

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