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DJ Sc@r Interview (2013)

This is going to be my first artist interview, and I am quite nervous. Nervous for a good reason, because the person who is going to be interviewed in a female UK Hardcore DJ from Australia, who has her own label, her own radio show on Krafty Radio show, and she has won this year’s award for being “Best Breakthrough DJ”…… it’s DJ Sc@r I am talking about! Some might say that she’s one of the UK’s finest rising artists, but I think they are all wrong! To many she’s number one DJ, her mixing skills are always explosive, and her own tracks/remixed tracks are insanely good! Let’s see what’s on her mind, what rocks her socks, and more……. DJ SC@R !!!!!

(First question i’m firing back at you…. where on earth did you dig that photo up from? (a gentleman never reveals his secrets…. but it was amongst your photo’s lol)

Quick Fire Round (three questions, random as f**k) lol

–       Australia or the United Kingdom? Both!

–       Small event or Big event? I love small intimate events

–        (Tricky one) Raw Elements or Scarred Digital? Raw Elements was my foundation but Scarred Digital is where it is at for me now

 DJ Sc@r, who is she, what does she do? “Full time Registered Nurse by day to insane crazy Dj by night (people at work refer me as). Not sure if that’s a good thing or not?”

Stupid question probably, but where does the name come from?  “Originated from my backpacking days, though as they say ‘what goes abroad, stays abroad'”

In 2006 you ‘entered’ the scene. But when did you experience it, what was your introduction? Was it a CD, or an event, or a mix you have heard?  “My brother Jason introduced me to rave music in 1994 back on the tape days, I started raving in 2000 but wasn’t until 2006 when I really started djing and give something back to the scene on vinyl originally but quickly over to CDs.”

Who has inspired you, and made you think “eh, what he/she does, I can do better!”  “I wouldn’t say it was a ‘I could do better’ it was more of a ‘I want to do that’. Back in the day it was Euphony, Uplift, Kevin Energy and Luna C who was my influence. These days its Luna C, Gammer and the ravers who are my inspiration!”

At first, you worked closely with Raw Elements. And by looking at their catalogue, you have contributed probably the most. What made you decide to start your own label, called Scarred Digital? “Thought it was time to start my own path, fresh goals and new direction with music”

What is Scarred Digital? Is it just another label, or not? (What makes it unique?)  “I know personally how hard it is to have people listen to your tracks and take notice. Scarred Digital is aimed at bringing forth the sounds of new producers alongside big names from around the globe over a variety of different rave genres like UK hardcore, freeform, hard dance and gabber under one label.”

From the Scarred Digital website, you can buy many tunes, which can be bought by people from all over the world. You have also played all around the globe, from Australia to the States, you have been there. Which performance has got the most memories, and why, and obviously: where was it?  “I have so many fond memories from people crowd surfing during my set in Belgium, my first main stage HTID set in Spain, dressing as a ninja in Japan or celebrating NYE set in Canada. I have loved every second of my DJ-ing whether its in the UK or aboard!”

In The Netherlands this distinctive sound isn’t much appreciated, people still think it’s a subgenre from the 90s style called Happy Hardcore. Why haven’t we embraced the UK Hardcore scene yet? Are the Dutch ignorant, cheese eating, clog wearing bastards?  “I don’t think it’s ‘ignorant’, I have seen the hardcore scene grow from nothing in both Sweden and Belgium to having a strong support for UK hardcore. Just needs a few promoters to take it by the balls and show party-goers what its all about.”

Ow, we are not ignorant bastards? Bless. I always thought we were. Seeing as you have been all over the globe, and seen many people, which country has the weirdest crowd (good or bad)? When we (the Dutch) go nuts on the dance floor, we tend to throw our clogs in the air, and wave our tulips……. “weirdest crowd? I better not say, I wouldn’t want to offend anyone! Though every country seems to have its own identity on the dance floor which is always an experience.”

Flying all around the world, playing everywhere, doing the job you love has paid off: last weekend you have won the award for “ Best Breakthrough DJ”. And to be honest, the competition was hard…. what was your first reaction after hearing you have won the award? “I had a morning shift the next morning, with the responsibility I have with my job as a Registered Nurse, I chose to stay in that night with my fiancée. I woke up about 3am to see texts from friends and missed phone calls. My first reaction was to wake up Steve and was like ”S*#t, I think I won the award”.”

Ok, here’s your chance to do some kind of “Miss Universe” speech: “thank you everyone who has supported me over the years, I love you guys *wipes a tear away*”

Most important question: seeing as Gammer won thousands, where are you going to put your award?  “It’s currently on my mantelpiece in our lounge room but sure it will end up in my studio at some point.”

It’s fair to say that 2012 has been a big year for you: your own label and your own clothing line. What made you decide to release your own clothing line?  “Just another little adventure to put more time into 📷 I have lots of other ideas as well but I’m always told to slow down a bit.”

Quick SPAM moment: where can people get these shirts/hoodies from?

And if I am interested in SD tracks, where can I buy them?  “TrackItDown, Itunes, Beatport, Amazon, Juno, Imo Download and pretty much any website that promotes hardcore and hard dance”

Ok, enough self-promoting. You have played at a lot of events, and you seem to smile at every picture taken. Anything embarrassing to share with us?  “Falling off stage or smashing my head on a lighting rig in front of everyone would probably have to top it.”

If you could share a stage with anyone, who would that be?  “Luna C and this dream is about to become a reality in a few weeks time in New York, USA at Winning! I’m completely over the moon about it”

Btw, you seem to appear on stage a lot with someone called “Scooby”, who is he? And is he DJ Outblast’s brother? (he looks a lot like Outblast).  “Scooby is my fiancée Steve! We run Scarred Digital together, live, party and work together so it only made sense when I realised his mixing was better than mine”

Ok, now you have won an award, your whole future will change! You will be booked a lot now (more than usual). Where can people see you/hear you? (dates/event names?)  “I wouldn’t say it has changed at all. I’m still doing my Thursday radio show on Krafty Radio (7-9pm) and doing my own thing. All my bookings are promoted on my Twitter and Facebook pages.”

And give us a quick reminder why we should go to these events.. “It’s a rave! friendly people, good music and a place to let your hair down and have a good time so why not? :)”

If someone is reading this and wants to know more, where should they go to?

Just to show how good this lady is, at the bottom of this interview she has added her personal favourite mix, why not give it a try, and listen/download it?

Thank you Sc@r, for this interview (hope I didn’t make her suffer too much). Congratulations again on winning the award! One of the hardest working, award winning female DJ is going to rise next year, Gammer should watch out, this lady has got claws (like a cat)…. she will get next years “Best DJ” award….  If you don’t believe me…. go and hear her live! DJ Sc@r!!!!!

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