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DJ Thera - Hit You With That Oldskool - Mixtape 4 (2020)

I don't know how many Thera reviews I've done so far, and how many were focussed on his latest mix series, but it has become something of an obsession to me. I need to hear that Old Skool sound, I simply cannot let this go by without listening to it at least once. About a week ago he uploaded the fourth instalment of his successful early Hardstyle mix series. A series I really enjoy, and I'm guessing thousands of us do to, seeing as it already has nearly 2.2k plays. Hardstyle is back!

Well, I mean the early sound. I became a huge fan when it emerged, and I still prefer it over the present day Hardstyle. Fanboys, don't take offence, but I do like the early sound. It is just so much better, and so 'new'. At the time we didn't have anything similar: yes, we had Hard House, and of course Hardcore, but this was all new. And f**k me, it took the world by surprise. So many great tunes were made during the early years, and I can vividly remember buying a shit ton of CDs. All compilations, of course. I did spend a few euros on Hardstyle compilations, and to hear them again in 2020, it immediately makes me 20 years younger.

DJ Thera is a Hardstyle fanatic, and his latest mix is packed with awesome goodness. It's so good, you don't even want to listen to anything else anymore. Today, we go back in time.

  1. Orion's Voice - The Next Life

  2. Tankis & Savietto - Semiramide

  3. Super Marco May - Little Man

  4. Dark Monks - Insane (Steve Murano Remix)

  5. Hypetraxx - Paranoid (DJ Scot Project Remix)

  6. Warmduscher - 10 Kleine Bassdrums (Pille Palle Mix)

  7. Tukan - Light A Rainbow (Green Court Remix)

  8. Bobby V - G.O.D.

  9. Thilo & Evanti - System Addict

  10. Beam vs Cyrus - Thunder In Paradise (DJ Scot Project Remix)

  11. Origin Unknown - Shock! (Brennan & Heart Remix)

  12. Southstylerz - E-Town

  13. Pacific Link - Rings Of Jupiter

  14. Philippe Rochard - Survivors Of Hardstyle (DJ Zany Remix)

  15. DHHD - Funky Shit (Deepack Remix)

  16. Teknoid - Tekstyle MK-1

  17. Next Generation - United Force

  18. The Hose - Umanoide (Hitech Mix)

  19. Brennan & Heart - Speed It Up (30-165 BPM)

  20. Dark Oscillators - Nobody Is Perfect (Original Threesome Mix)

  21. Le Brisc - I've Got The Power (A-Lusion Remix)

  22. Kan Cold vs Frank Ellrich - Trancemission

I wasn't expecting to hear these anthems again in 2020. Most of these I've already forgotten about. Of course Thera has a few big slammers in here, but also a few obscure and underground anthems. And those I really love.

Oh Gawd, the tracks he used for this mix are just so damn wicked. How come we've completely made Hardstyle sound so different? Just check out 'Funky Shit' by DHHD, that's one hell of an oldskool anthem! Fuck me. Or what about 'Thunder In Paradise'? How's that for a track? Or 'Nobody Is Perfect'? Seriously, what has happened to the early sound? Who decided to change it?

Again, I'm not saying the present day Hardstyle sounds bad, but why did we forget about the early sound?

Before the DHHD fanclub starts getting hyped up, no, I've not selected their track as my favourite. My favourite has to be 'Umanoide' by The Hose. Never heard it before, but it has made me feel things I've not felt before. That sound is so nostalgic!

Thanks Thera, for yet another epic mix. Only love and credits to this legend. Epic, epic, epic!

DJ: Thera

Genre/Style: Hardstye

Mix Info: Hit You With That Oldskool - Mixtape 4

Length Mix: 01:04:24

Tracks: 22 (twenty-two)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

More Information: DJ Thera - Soundcloud Page

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