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DJ Van Bellen – Nightclubbing Vol. 1 (1996)

I remember when I bought this album, isn't that strange? Well, not 100% strange, but it's weird that I know that I didn't buy this, but my mum did, and I know exactly where it was I got hold of this album. ECI Bookstore in 't Loon, in Heerlen. Top floor. I wanted this album, because it was part of the deal they had: you needed to buy a certain amount of books/CDs/etc every month of bi-monthly to remain a member of this 'club'. It was a shoddy club, and it was one of the first memories I had of a shoddy club that required you to purchase a certain amount, or they would charge you. It was fucked up, but thankfully it isn't there anymore. Cash grabbing bastards!

But now back to the music. Because mum was a member (maybe by accident, who knows?), we went every so often and purchased a book here and there, and also CDs. She was actually the one that purchased my first Mysteryland CD there. Thanks mum! But she also purchased this CD by Joost van Bellen, DJ Vanbellen, or however you would like to spell his name. This world famous DJ has been in the game for many years, and has been there since the start of the House music, so to buy an album mixed by him was going to be a no-brainer.

I was into House music, but not the underground House. You know, the music you would hear in clubs and raves. I was into the 'commercial' House music, so when I purchased this album (*ahum*), I wasn't aware of any of the artists on this album. I knew of Joost van Bellen, but that was all. It was luck that brought me to this album. Why else would I have picked this album up? No real reason, it wasn't filled with the tunes you would hear on the top 40. Something deep down inside me told me to get this album. Or it could have been my mum, saying she needed one more item to get a discount...

From the first time I heard this album to today, I am still in love. This mix series only ran for three CDs, and then just died. Don't know why. I have never purchased the other two albums, but I'm glad that I did buy this one. Because this one is the pure definition of House/Garage House. You want to know what a good album is, an album that embraces House/Garage House? THIS ONE!

I still hold this album close to my heart, 26 years after its release. And if you've never encountered this album, no worries: it's not too late to appreciate good music. And one of my most favourite albums ever!

  1. Ashley Beedle - Revolutions In Dub (Deep Dish Jumpin' At The Bar - Part 1)

  2. Bladed Posse - Right Now

  3. Sticky People - Make U My Man (Paradox Stomp Mix)

  4. Ralphi Rosario - Sudando Bailando

  5. Crime - Flight In 2 Fantasy

  6. Robin Breaks - I Get Dubbed

  7. Djaimin - You Can't Touch - Part 1

  8. Mood II Swing - Call Me

  9. Bone Machine - Pianic (Amsterjammix)

  10. Dangerous Minds - Live In Unity

  11. JohNick - Play The World

  12. Strictly 4 The Underground - Livin' 4 The Underground

  13. Kenlou - The Bounce

  14. The Underground Congregation - Lovin Flowin (Underflow Mix)

  15. Adrian Morrison - The Week

  16. K-Scope - Planet K

  17. 7th Movement - Odyssey (Dub Star Disco Mix)

Even to this day I'm not familiar with any of these artists, and I cannot remember seeing them on other compilations. Only heard them on this CD. Maybe I didn't pay enough attention, but to me that's the truth.

Thanks to those thieving bastards at ECI I am now in possession of this album. So even though they robbed us of Guilders/Euros, I am still pleased I got this disc. I don't hold a grudge because of this album though. It's a glorious album, and funnily enough the only album I've ever purchased, mixed by Joost van Bellen.

Even my wife can tolerate this music. And I'm not kidding. She normally despises everything I listen to, but this album is on her 'OK' list. Especially when she hears the song 'Live In Unity'. According to her the lyrics remain in her head for days. She isn't the only one though. It is catchy as fuck though.

BUT, that's not the best song of this album. It is 'Livin' 4 The Underground'. The dark vocals, the dark beats and bass... everything is just perfect with this track.

If you want to know which album I recommend, if you are searching for House music from the 90s, this is one of the top 3 best albums from the 90s. A classic album. Maybe slightly underrated, but here's your chance to catch up on an awesome album. Everything you need and more!

DJ: Joost van Bellen

Genre/Style: House, Garage House

CD Info: Nightclubbing Volume 1 - By Vanbellen

Length CD: 01:14:19

CDs: 1 (one)

Tracks: 17 (seventeen)

Release Year: 1996

Label: Blueprint

Product Number: blueprint 11 61472

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