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DNB Classics 60 Minute Mix (2024)

Sunday has arrived, and hopefully you had a nice weekend so far. The weather might have been a tad shite, but at least it's not snowing. But it's Sunday, the most 'relaxing' day of the week, and the majority of people are just chilling, doing nothing, or little chores. Nothing major. We need our batteries to be recharged again, for the upcoming working week. And have I got something special for you all: a very nice Drum and Bass mix, with only classics in them. Isn't that something you want to listen to? If the answer is no, please leave this page right now.

The mix was uploaded onto 10Inchpress' Soundcloud channel, and when I noticed it contained the words 'Drum & Bass' and 'Classics', that's when I jumped straight on it. And it did come with a tracklist, which is always an added bonus. I am unfamiliar with the DJ, but if you do know a bit more, please leave a comment below!

The mix is just short of an hour, but it's long enough for us to hear a lot of amazing classics that are still love, adored, and played at many raves all over the world. I grew up listening to this, and it still makes me happy, hearing these timeless classics. It brings me joy and happiness, and it also gives me a lot of energy. These songs are powerful as fuck.

The selection is really great. Got to give credit to 10Inchpress for this list. It's awesome!

  1. Dillinja - The Angels Fell

  2. Doc Scott - The Unofficial Ghost

  3. Adam F - Metropolis (Remix)

  4. Splash - Babylon

  5. Dillinja - In The Grind

  6. Vromm - Bees (BKey Remix)

  7. Souljah - Fade 2 Black

  8. D-Bridge - True Romance VIP

  9. Break - Ringing Ears

  10. Commix - Talk To Frank (Break Remix)

  11. Spirit - VIP Dial

  12. Marcus Intalex - Nebulus

  13. Dillinja - Hard Noize (Break Remix)

  14. Leon Switch & Kryptic Minds - Hide The Tears (Remix)

  15. Dom & Roland - Industry

  16. Lenzman feat Kevin King - Starz (LSB Remix)

  17. D Kay & Lee - Tuning VIP

  18. Digital - Deadline

  19. Asylum - Da Base II Dark

  20. Calibre feat Singing Fats - Drop It Down

The songs selected all take me back in time. They all take me back to my youth, and I can still remember how I felt, the first time I heard these songs. I still have the same feeling to this day! I am in awe with all these songs, and still find them as powerful as the day I discovered them.

I've heard these songs a million times, but I'm still not getting bored of them. They are literally timeless classics, and no matter how often you hear them, or how you are feeling, they will always make you feel good, especially when my favourite record of this mix hits. When 'True Romance VIP' hits, it hits HARD.

Whoever is behind this mix, they have made a wicked mix. 59 minutes long, 20 records. It's filth from the start to the end, but the good kind of filth. A solid mix, with only classics. They weren't lying when they stated it was a DnB mix with classics. The only lie was that it's 60 minutes, but it was only 59 minutes. But 60 sounds better than 59 minutes.

All in all a wonderful mix. A very powerful trip down memory lane, with some hard hitting anthems. Go and check it out! And you can also download this bad boy!

DJ: 10Inchpress

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Liquid Drum & Bass

Mix Info: DNB Classics 60 Minute Mix

Length Mix: 00:59:08

Tracks: 20 (twenty)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): CLICK HERE

File Size: 596 MB

File Type: wav

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: 1411kbps

Release Year: 2024

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