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Drokz @ Thunderdome 2019

Today I'm experiencing a Terrorhead moment. I cannot stop listening to Terror music. And of course when you want to hear Terror music, you go to Opa Drokz. The legend. The mighty grandad of Terror music. He played last year on the mainstage of the legendary Thunderdome event, which took place in the Jaarbeurs, in Utrecht, and if you weren't there because the tickets were sold out, you must have been watching the livestream at home. If you are experiencing any side effects of NOT going to parties, why not go to Youtube and watch the sets which have been put on there, in blooming 5K quality!

I've got two new monitors, and I can see everything so clearly now: it's like the lasers are going off in my living room! It's like I am actually there. But sadly I wasn't. Would have extremely awesome, and besides the mainstage, I would have been in the Thundergods area, or the Heroes Of Hardcore area. The line up for the mainstage on its own looked impressive: Access One, Evil Activities, Tha Playah, Mad Dog, Dither, Angerfist/MissK8/Never Surrender/Nosferatu, N-Vitral, Sefa, Dr Peacock & Partyraiser, and of course Drokz (with surprise act DJ Akira).

Drokz, the legend,I wish I could see you more often. It's been too long since I last saw you perform. I need the Terror, and sadly there aren't that many events in the UK that you play at. I've interviewed him before for my website, but I cannot get enough of him and his music. So when I discovered his set on Youtube, I was a happy man. And someone composed a tracklist for me (well, not just for me). Happy days!

Here's the tracklist of his set which ended the Thunderdome mainstage.

  1. Drokz - Ode Aan de Gabber

  2. Dione - Pain Till I Die (SRB Remix) w/ Razor Edge - Deathrow (KRTM Remix)

  3. Darrien Kelly - All About Loungin' (Drokz Gabber Bootleg)

  4. Drokz - Moet Nie Mauwe (DJ Tool)

  5. Drokz & Day-Mar - Our Song

  6. Stormtrooper - Todesvogel (Mr Courage & Drokz Remake)

  7. Vandal!sm feat Sedutchion - Drums Of War

  8. DJ Mad Dog - Reset

  9. 3 Steps Ahead - Gangster

  10. Nosferatu - Poppin' Pistols

  11. Drokz - This Is Dedication

  12. Proactive HC - Definition Of Hard

  13. Drokz - The Understream (Remix)

  14. Detest - The Return

  15. SRB - War Machine

  16. Detest - The Hunter

  17. Drokz - Demonstrate

  18. Detest, Drokz, Akira & Thrasher - Le Violence Never Back Down HKV Dubplate VIP

  19. HCM - Ready To Attack

  20. Hellfish & Bryan Fury - Fuck Everybody

  21. Drokz - Stamppot Met Gehaktbal

  22. The Satan - Destroy Everything

  23. Nosferatu - The Pain

  24. Dolphin - Hong Kong Ping Pong

  25. Drokz - Phonking Like An OG

  26. Hellfish & Akira - The Sixteen

  27. Drokz - The Vietnam War

  28. Hellfish - Steel Fishfinger (Sweet & Sour Remix)

  29. Drokz & Furyan - Worst Enemy

  30. Neophyte & Drokz - Sloop Die Speakers (Thunderdome 2009 Anthem)

So this happened. Will you look at this, mate! This is literally everything crammed into an hour long set! Not just Terror, but a bit of Hardcore, Gabber, Uptempo, and God knows what they call it all nowadays. This has been the best hour of today, that's for damn sure. And the picture quality has been extremely good!

DJ Drokz is a legend. Not only is he the 'voice' of Thunderdome (the roar), but he's been there since the early days. He's so damn old but so hard, they won't even allow him in an old people's retirement home. He will freak out the other elderly people.Imagine being with Drokz in a retirement home. He will blow everyone's artificial heart into a billion pieces. Can't picture him doing bingo or just sit in an armchair, doing nothing. Drokz is Hardcore, and so are we.

The set starts with a smashing intro. And the way it has been coordinated with the lightning department is just pure quality. You jut feel that shit is about to happen. It must have given Drokz goosebumps, walking onto that mainstage, and getting the place knocked down for the last hour. He literally killed it.

The set was wicked, the music he selected has been really dope as fuck. I would normally complain that there weren't many people raving their arses off, but to be fair it was 6 o'clock in the morning, and most of them raved from 10 o'clock in the evening before, so they were knackered as hell. They still stayed, because they didn't want to miss Drokz's set. But they were treated to a wicked Terror/Hardcore set. One they won't easily forget.

It was an easy choice, selecting my favourite record from Drokz's set. It's Darrien Kelly's song, remake by Drokz. The original is a wicked anthem, but Drokz made it a 'tandje harder'. And fucking hard it is. Really liking this newer version.

Drokz is a legend, and this set is one of my most favourite Drokz sets. This one and the previous set at Thunderdome 2017 (was it then, not sure) with Partyraiser. That one was awesome too! Sadly never came with a tracklist.

You cannot download this, but still enjoy it in high quality. Enjoy it, and bring Thunderdome back into your house. Stay at home, stay safe! But still, keep on raving! Wherever you are.

DJ: Drokz (&Akira)

MC: Da Mouth Of Madness

Genre/Style: Hardcore, Gabber, Terror, Uptempo

Liveset Info: Recorded @ Thunderdome 2019

Length Liveset: 00:57:27

Tracks: 30 (thirty)

Download/Listen (via Youtube): VIEW HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Video Quality: 2880p (5K)

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