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Dutty Rascal - Species - Hardcore Techno - 90s and 00s Retro Classics

When people give your website positive feedback, that's always a bonus. And today I've got a mix for you all, made by Dutty Rascal. He contacted me via the 'contact us' section, and he made me aware of a mix he uploaded a few weeks ago. Seeing as he's a fan of the old Hardcore sound, I couldn't say no to that.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear this mix. Not just because it contains 90s and 00s Hardcore, but because the records he has selected are quite dark, and you won't find these in any mainstream sets anymore. Where have the days gone, where this kind of music would be coming through our speakers on a daily basis? What has changed?

Dutty Rascal's mix is one you really should check out. The tracklist contains the forgotten section of Hardcore. Many might not even know these even existed! And sadly, of the majority of records, I never even heard of them. So I was pleasantly surprised. So, now it's time fo you to see the tracklist.

01. Riot Nation - Psycho Freak

02. Kezj & Donut - Cocaine EP (Bring It On Remix)

03. Ceasefire - Who's Afraid Of Noise

04. Chosen Few - Bring The Beat Back

05. Tellurian - Straight To Hell

06. Chosen Few - All You Motherfuckers

07. DJ Clarkee & Blackeye - Hard Hop

08. Nasenbluten - Intellectual Killer

09. Suicide Squad - Da Killa (Jason's Vocal Mix)

10. Itchy Trigger Finger Niggers - Untitled

11. Technological Terror Crew - Where Angels Fear To Thread (Hellfish Remix)

12. R. Wagner - Symphony Of W

13. Wargroover - Hid' Um Hard

14. Hellfish - Techno City

15. Technological Terror Crew - The Ripper (Hellfish Remix)

16. Hellfish - Fukem (Hardcore Psychopath Remix)

17. Hellfish - Way Of The Homeboy Part 1

18. Walter One - Where's My Fucking Hardcore?

19. Bazooka - Evil Empire

You can tell he likes his Hardcore to be hard, not soft. I am a fan of this sound, even though I wasn't a huge fan when it was big. I still listened to it, and now a decade or so later I really regret not spending more money on albums I should have purchased. It's a shame, but we've got Soundcloud and Mixcloud, and on it there's plenty of undiscovered music. Like Dutty's mix.

One record stands out, and that's because I used to repeat this record over and over, when I got my Earthquake 8 CD. I think it's the last record of CD2? Correct me if I'm wrong. Never knew that got released on Mokum records. But this record has got so many undiscovered layers of madness. I just love it. Experimental, yeah, but it did the trick.

A few small errors have occurred during the mix, but nothing major. Nothing that might influence the outcome of this mix. This is pure Hardcore. Underrated Hardcore. Hardcore I'd swap with the present day sound. I'd rather listen to this than this Uptempo stuff. This is next level stuff. But maybe it's only for a handful of people, because we understand this kind of music?

Underrated. But thanks to Dutty we get the chance to re-live the 90s/00s again. Boy, I feel like a kid again. Dancing in his bedroom with his 'my first Sony' walkman with dodgy headphones that would crack after 4 weeks of use. I still love it.

DJ: Dutty Rascal

Genre/Style: Early Hardcore, Hardcore, Gabber

Mix Info: Dutty Rascal - Species - Hardcore Techno - 90s and 00s Retro Classics

Length Mix: 01:16:54

Tracks: 19 (nineteen)

Download/Listen (via Mixcloud): LISTEN HERE

File Size: unknown File Type: unknown Bitspeed: unknown

More Information: Dutty Rascal - Mixcloud Page

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