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Dy5on - Upfront & Vocal (2022)

Back in October I was 'introduced' to someone called Dy5on. The mix was made by the main contributor of the site, M@rt!n-J, and his mix got positive feedback from yours truly. The review got a lot of views (for this website it was a lot, as I'm not a professional blogger but a hobbyist), and it got me in contact with the face behind Dy5on. He even offered me a free vacuum cleaner, but I had to decline. Sorry, that was a lame joke. Really lame. But the truth is that I got in contact with Dy5on, and a few days ago he reminded me of a new album he made. 'Upfront &Vocal'. So obviously I had to jump on the bandwagon, or in this case the bandcamp.

I completely missed the release of this album, as I'm not on bandcamp anymore for personal reasons. But Dy5on being the friendly neighbour on Facebook, he made sure I got the link to the page, and voila! There was his new album. And the album is split into two special editions: you've got the 'normal' version, and you've got the 'deluxe edition'. And it also depends on what you are into: are you into DJ friendly songs, or mixed songs? If you want, you can get the DJ friendly songs, or a mixed version of all the songs. Whatever is your preference, Dy5on has got your back!

Me? I do prefer a mixed CD, more exciting. But as mentioned above, Dy5on has got you covered. But now we should talk about the album itself: the album looks great. The front of the album looks dope. I do recognise this style of artwork. Don't know what I'm actually looking at, to be fair? Looks like the inside of a pin ball machine? But it's not the album cover that should speak out loudly, it's the tunes on it. And on this disc you can find 15 massive vocal UK Hardcore tunes in the mix (or DJ friendly, again, whatever you fancy). The Deluxe version has got a few added tracks. If you needed more Dy5on in your life, I would suggest to go for the Deluxe version!

OK, now the big question: what songs can you find on this album? Well, these:

  1. Michael Mansion - Do U Love Me (Dy5on Remix)

  2. Dy5on - Make It On My Own

  3. Dy5on - Up In Smoke

  4. Fracus & Darwin vs Dy5on feat Silver Angelina - In A Good Way (Dy5on Remix)

  5. Darwin & Dy5on - Lights In The Sky

  6. Dy5on feat Andy L - Losing Myself

  7. Dy5on - Why Oh Why

  8. Dy6on feat Silver Angelina - Don't Just Stand By

  9. Darwin feat Taya - Count To 10 (Dy5on's 2021 Remix)

  10. Dy5on - B The 1 (Original Mix)

  11. Darwin & Dy5on feat Bea Aria - You Are Still The One (Redux)

  12. Dy5on feat Danielle Hollobaugh - Your Love Survivor

  13. Dy5on - Sun Is Shining

  14. Michael Mansion - We Can Live Forever (Dy5on Remix)

  15. Dy5on - Under Midnight

  16. Michael Mansion - Do U Love Me (Dy5on Remix Radio Edit)

  17. Dy5on feat Silver Angelina - Don't Just Stand By (Radio Edit)

  18. Darwin & Dy5on - Lights In The Sky (Radio Edit)

  19. Dy5on feat Andy L - Losing Myself (Radio Edit)

  20. Dy5on - Sun Is Shining (Radio Edit)

  21. Dy5on - Under Midnight (Radio Edit)

  22. DBL & Dy5on feat Paige-Olivia - Up In Smoke (Radio Edit)

  23. Michael Mansion - We Can Live Forever (Dy5on's Remix Radio Edit)

  24. Dy5on - Why Oh Why (Radio Edit)

  25. Dy5on feat Joey Law - Slip Away (Radio Edit)

This is a really amazing CD! I will purchase a physical CD, but not just yet, as we are currently sending all our money to our solicitors to sort out our mortgage, so currently I'm a tad skint lol. But as per previous review, I've made a list of everything I need to get, once funds are available. But how did I review this CD, you might wonder?

Well, that's the magic behind bandcamp. It lets you listen to the songs. That's amazing. bandcamp is basically those horrible headset at your local CD store back in the 90s, where you could listen to an album before you buy it. Oh, those headsets were disgusting! Always caked in gel (as it was the 90s, and everyone had tons of gel in their hair), old earwax from the previous thousand listeners, and always one side would be distorted. Oh the glorious 90s. But yeah, bandcamp is the 2022 version of those crusty headphones.

All jokes aside, let's focus on what Dy5on has to offer. A wicked mixed album, with 15 amazing records. Yes, the tracklist shows 25, but those are only for the elite, for those who are willing to purchase the Deluxe edition. But those 15 records are just what you need to hear. Proper UK Hardcore vibes. Proper HU vibes coming through my speakers now. He still has his own unique approach to UK Hardcore, but I do feel the Millennium sound so much, and I freaking love it!

The vocalists used for this CD, they are just marvellous! And Dy5on's producing skills are really amazing. I really enjoyed hearing this album, and I think you should give this one a go too. It's worth the £12.99 or £15.99, depending on which edition you are going for. But this album is really, really good. Dy5on is certainly on my radar now, and even though I not heard of him before (maybe I have but not paid that much attention) before Oct-21, but I will certainly look out for everything by this man. Wicked, truly wicked album!

Artist: Dy5on

Genre/Style: UK Hardcore

CD Info: Dy5on Is Upfront & Vocal

Length CD: +/+ 1 hour

CDs: 1 (one)

Tracks: 15 (fifteen) or 25 (twenty-five)

Release Year: 2022

Label: unknown

Product Number: unknown

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