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Dystopian jungle dnb mix 1 (Fallout Edition) (2024)

I do love Fallout. I cannot describe how much I love Fallout. I've bought many games over the years, from racing games to silly children games, but Fallout was my first love, and it will remain my first love. I don't know how many hours I've spent playing Fallout 4, but it's a tremendous amount. And still to this day, even before the TV series was released, I kept on playing. It's addictive, and it's my escapism, if you catch my drift. Anything Fallout related, I jump on it immediately. And not buy it, because things are a bit too expensive. But when there's a mix on Soundcloud that combines Drum & Bass, Jungle, and Fallout... how can I ignore that?

The mix mentions Fallout in the title, and it has got dogmeat and the lone wanderer in power armour. OK, we are now getting my full interest. But how does Drum & Bass and Jungle fit in the Fallout universe? Well, normally it doesn't. If you've played the game enough, the choice of music for the games is retro music, vintage music from years gone by. Not DnB or Jungle. But would the world be able to accommodate this DnB and Jungle?

Yes, it would. Back in the day, many moons ago, I used to play games with DnB being played in the background. Granted, Fallout would sound more different, but it could be even more intense. And certain cut scenes would be more interesting. Hell, imagine attacking a deathclaw with DnB playing? That would be AMAZING.

DnB could be the perfect kind of music to be played once we enter the post apocalyptic world. But would these tunes be the ones you would listen to?

  1. Fallout - Build Your Endurance

  2. Noise Factory - 123 O'Clock Rock

  3. Randall & Andy C - Sound Control

  4. Johnny Jungle - Flammable (Cloud 9 Mix)

  5. The Sentinel - Pulse Of Life

  6. Danny Breaks - Easy Pt.2

  7. T.Power - The Mutant (Rollers Instinct Remix)

  8. Tricky - Brand New You're Retro (Alex Reece Remix)

  9. Spring Heel Jack - Roger Tessier

  10. Wardown - Graphite And Glitter

  11. Rainforest - Brotherhood

  12. Hidden Agenda - Despatch #1

  13. Hidden Agenda - Despatch #2

  14. Ed Rush & Nico - Proton

  15. Source Direct - Snake Style 2

  16. Doc Scott - The Unofficial Ghost

  17. Ricky Force - Doomed Planet

  18. Klute - Silent Weapons (Photek Remix)

  19. Fresh And Vegas - Otto's Way

  20. Peshay - Vegas

  21. Calibre - Maximus

  22. Dillinja - Armoured D

  23. Decoder - Circuit Breaker (Peshay Remix)

  24. Digital &Kiat - War

  25. Dominus Et Klutus - Maximus

  26. DJ Trace - Sanctuary

  27. Loxy & Resound - The Silent Knight

  28. Close - Vault Dweller

  29. Indigo - The Root

  30. Danny Scrilla - Fallout (Goth-Trad Remix)

  31. Wardown - Lifespan

Yes, yes yes! A Fallout themed mix, where not only the image provided is related, but even the song titles are. Just look at them, right? Or maybe I've got it wrong: did Bethesda get the idea from the Drum & Bass scene? I meant Interplay, as they were the first. But was it Fallout that inspired Drum & Bass, or is it the other way around?

It can sound very ominous and very dark. But that's the same in Fallout. Especially when 'The Unofficial Ghost' is played. What a fucking anthem. I would have this on repeat in the wasteland. I would be happy hearing them, whilst slaying super mutants, and those pesky feral ghouls. Fuck them. And I don't need to have any weapons or VATS: I've got the power of music. Just play this, and the whole world will reunite again.

But those idiotic radscorpions are probably not going to listen, so we will have to eliminate them. They don't like DnB. Fuck 'em.

Yes, a very solid yes from me. I do love this mix, and it should get more plays. A solid mix, that would do the Fallout universe justice. Maybe for Fallout 5 they could introduce DnB music. How's that for an idea?

Soul on 10, another wicked mix. Thoroughly enjoyed it. More of this, please!

DJ: Soul On 10

Genre/Style: Drum & Bass, Techstep, Jungle, Atmospheric Jungle, Dystopian Jungle

Mix Info: Dystopian jungle dnb mix 1 (Fallout Edition)

Length Mix: 01:38:15

Tracks: 31 (thirty-one)

Download/Listen (via Soundcloud): STREAM HERE

File Size: unknown

File Type: unknown

Audio: Stereo

Sample Rate: unknown

Release Year: 2024


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